Are You Ready for New Beginnings?

‘Are You Ready for New Beginnings? Renew and Reset through Embodied Somatic Dance’

Last weekend on December 4th we experienced a Total Solar Eclipse. When this happens the sun, moon and the earth are in alignment and the moon fully eclipses the light of the sun. The earth is blanketed in utter darkness, bird and animals become disorientated, and in astrological terms there is an energetic reset for the planet and for us[1]. This last eclipse also happened at the last new moon of the year – a particularly powerful time[2], signifying the end of a cycle and a time for us to grow with change. 

Given the last couple of years we need to have this time of reset and new beginnings for ourplanet and humanity; we need to trust that we are held by a benevolence, a greater force and love beyond us, and stay open with hope to receive. In these last few years, as an individual and as a collective we have been tested, and there have been many teachings. No matter what colour, culture, political leanings, whether we are vaccinated or not, we are all Humans Being, trying, striving, surviving and thriving, I hope.

It was a Saturday morning in the UK last Dec 4th and around the time of the eclipse I felt something visceral stir within me. Granted I was aware of the auspicious time, and my week had been a little turbulent. I was still, lying in bed, and I noticed the sun shining through my window as I felt a definite internal shift in my body, a subtle dropping down and a calming. Something releasing, a sense of lifting and clearing; it was almost as if I could sense and see through a veil of fog again.

In Taoist belief we have to be harmonious with nature and the stirrings of the cosmos. The Taoist way is to flow with the natural order of the universe. Undoubtedly we are strongly affected by nature. For example during the full moon, it’s gravitational pull on the earth can cause high tides[3]. Is it any wonder then, given our bodily make of 70% water, that we can also feel the effects of full moon strongly; its gravitational pull within us stirring and unsettling us? And let’s not foget how the word ‘lunatic’ has historically derived from the Latin ‘of the moon’ or ‘moonstruck[4].

Being a somatic practitioner I may be more attuned to being sensitive to the inner sensations of my body, but this is something we can all cultivate. We all have the innate physical knowledge but sometimes we have forgotten. Our lives are so filled with habitual routines and tasks that take us from A to B, that we often don’t take time out for quality pauses. Some of us don't even relax properly on holiday, planning our itinerary and holiday ‘to do’ list. Mindfulness can help to bring us back to the present moment, which is potent with possibility, and where we are free of depression from dwelling on the past, and anxiety and fears for our future.

When we bring this mindfulness into movement in our bodies and allow that clarity and presence to drop into the cells of our physical being, our energy drops and settles. As we focus in on our physical bones, flesh and sensations, the electrical frequencies in our brains change. Where thought goes, energy flows. When we move, everything stirs and shifts; seismic shifts in the body can open our mind to new thoughts and feelings - we open up space for change. It is a two way body mind dance. Factor in the equation of evocative music and we can be transported to other worldly realms of existence.

And it all begins with the breath. The movement of our breath in and out of our bodies, through and into our cells. When we don’t judge or interpret and let every sensation just be – there is a deeper knowing and knowledge that arises that is precognitive, pre-cerebral. When we move everything just is. In this presence of stillness our attention can alter our small selves to merge with the bigger existence of who we are and bigger questions arise of what we are here for? What can we do? How can we serve?

The recent eclipse signifies a new life cycle with new positive changes. If you are ready to welcome in the new, then you may like to begin with emptying your mind and dropping into your body.

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1 "In astrology, a solar eclipse can be something of a turning point — decisions made at this point can have long-lasting implications in the future." Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer of Keen.com