Dance Body And Earth: Random Acts Of Wildness

At last Spring is here and we can enjoy more daylight and warming sun!

At last Spring is here and we can enjoy more daylight and warming sun!

On a recent morning run my heart has been lifted seeing the pink cherry blossom in the trees, graceful magnolia buds on branches and golden daffodils waving in the breeze.

Although we have been restricted in our travels, there is nothing like a big adventure into the great outdoors. We can still experience freedom without crossing forbidden boundaries, even if in our own. When was the last time you went outside for a barefoot dance? Yes kicking your shoes off to sink your feet into the earth and letting your hair down, not to mention dropping your shoulders...

Radical? Revolutionary? Or just adopting some practical health and wellness habits from our ancestors? We know that being in nature vastly improves our health, and studies have shown that it can revive us physically and mentally; improve respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, reduce our tension and improve our mood[1]. I am lucky that I can walk to nearby woods, where the surrounding trees also filter most of the electromagnetic frequencies from the ever increasing telecommunication towers. The further you can venture into the countryside or wilderness the better!

When the sun is out we enjoy its life giving energy or prana and vitamin D, which is important for calcium absorption, our brain, our muscles and our immune system. Plus if we give ourselves the other vitamin D of Dance and go barefoot on the earth, we also receive the benefits of grounding or earthing.

Man has gone mostly barefoot throughout history, or worn footwear made from animal skins. When we are close to the earth we directly absorb the electrons that circulate freely on the earth’s surface. Increasing evidence suggests that these electrons help all the systems of our body to function optimally [2] These magical electrons stabilise our circadian rhythms and neutralise those pesky free radicals that give oxidative stress to our cells, compromise our immune system and help us to age [3].

Although when we are outdoors and dancing in nature, we don’t actually care anymore about our wrinkles. So intoxicated are we with the energising of the air, the soft breezes caressing our skin, the fragrant scents that waft us to ancient lands and the nurturing support of the earth, how can we not feel good? Whether we are listening to the birds singing or our favourite music, the experience is total and we can enter into flow.

When we allow ourselves to surrender our worries into the earth our tensions begin to dissolve. We release the hold that our thoughts have on us, the mental energy that powers our monkey minds. We connect to our bodies and attune to our visceral sensory systems; the sound of our breath, our hearts beating, our inner tides swirling. With this somatic awareness new feelings and sensations emerge, and we may connect to the deeper yearnings and desires revealed by our emotions. Our bodies become our voices and create a new unspoken poetry.

A few years ago, the Wildlife Trusts ran a big campaign for more connection to nature. ‘30 Days Wild’ had around 300,000 participants, and results showed sustained increases in health and happiness [4].

One of the things suggested was undertaking ‘Random Acts of Wildness’. Not only a great title for a show, but definitely a good excuse to shake off your winter blues amongst some good leafy company. Keep in touch as I uplevel my technology skills with live outdoor classes planned for the future.

In the meantime, allow yourself to experience expansiveness on your doorstep, and unleash your inner wild. Or allow yourself the freedom to do so in the comfort and privacy of your home and let nature come to you. Join me on one of my upcoming courses - all filmed in scenic and inspiring places in the great outdoors, designed to be taken both on and offline - preferably in nature.

Dancing Nature. Double Happiness for Body and Soul

Creative Dance Flow – 7 week course beginning May 3rd

Dance Basics – 7 week course beginning May 11th.

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2 For an overview and links to other research articles on grounding: