Did you know your body has a brain?

Looking at how our mind, body and soul are connected, and the intelligence of the body

Did you know your body has a brain?

In fact it has 3 brains – in our belly, in our heart and in the one in our skull (which, if we are honest, has been known to fail us at times) when we are seeking the ‘right’ answers.

Yes as human beings rather than other animals, the higher cognitive functions of our brain have enabled great advances in scientific development and infrastructure. And yet our world is not exactly functioning with peace and calm. And that is part of the problem; we live so much in our heads.

Yes we may go to the gym or go for a walk, but we live in the age of the internet. We communicate by technology, texting and messaging. We sit at desks, in our cars, on the sofa. And by not following the natural rhythms of nature (eg staying awake long after sunset), this starts to create a disconnect within ourselves and with our environment.

It is only when we have an accident or get seriously ill that we stop to listen to our bodies because they start to complain. Otherwise we generally take them for granted, and instead of giving ourselves respect and love, we fret about any bulges or wrinkles, unwittingly buying into this world of instagram and airbrushing.

However there seems to be a new era of awareness emerging. After these last few years of confinement and the mass coercion we have undergone, to take away aspects of personal choice, it feels like many of us are starting to trust in ourselves again. And feel safe in doing so. To recognise the innate intelligence that we already have within us, in our bodies, in our living soma...our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

In the last fifty years or so there has been an explosion of research to confirm what our ancient ancestors already knew – that we an intricately connected within. We are a whole holistic organism that does not just function through our mind and brains alone. The mind body connection is real, and we need this information to guide us as we navigate still uncharted waters of our future evolution. Now more and more people are becoming aquainted with somatics, there is somatic experiencing, somatic healing, somatic therapies, and in my personal area of passion and knowledge, that of somatic dance.

We spend way too much time in our heads - calculating, deciding, worrying, judging, self-sabotaging..and while we need to stay fit and healthy, if we are not somatically aware, we can easily tear a muscle or overstrain when we don’t listen to the needs of our bodies.

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