Do you live in fear or hope? Where is your fighting Warrior Spirit?

On our Human Spirit and Resilience

I just recently watched House of the Flying Daggers again. This Chinese martial arts movie, like others of its genre and by acclaimed director Zhang Yimou is stunning, sumptuous and passionate, a true work of art. The sheer mastery of the choreography and the beautiful heroine, who can ruthlessly scissor kick opponents and still ooze ultra femininity is mind blowing; not to mention the underlying emotions, cultural obligations and the torment of the human heart expressed in its story.

Growing up, those female Chinese martial artists were in my mind the coolest women in the world, and without doubt the role models to aspire to. They made me feel proud to be a Chinese woman, strong and fearless without losing their softness and delicate beauty.

And perhaps these are the qualities we need to pursue now….that yin sense of acceptance and compassion for the planet, whilst still retaining our identity and sense of an individual mind.

My father originally came over to the UK from Hong Kong for a better life in the ’50’s with the 2nd wave of Chinese immigrants. My mother joined him later, and having observed the changing landscape of Hong Kong in the last few decades, I have been eternally grateful to be able to grow up in a country where independent thinking is encouraged, rather than censored.

But censored we are - even in normal daily life – there are certain protocols, levels of behaviour and expression that are considered acceptable or not. We inevitably live in a world with rules and boundaries – unless that is we genuinely want the ultimate freedom and live like Tarzan or Jane. In the jungle there is no time for false pretenses or minor fears and worries to cloud our existence, but rather more pressing concerns about finding dinner before we become the dinner ourselves!

We are being restricted again for fear of new variants of Covid, and we all have to practice self-care and consideration for others. But there is a rebel in me that just wants to cry out in frustration. Many years ago in Ibiza, I was inspired to explore and study further the benefits of dance after an outdoor event where I had felt incredible surges of energy that rippled through all the layers of my being when I dived into a deep dance.

Ibiza is a feminine island; it has a resident Goddess – the Carthaginian Goddess Tanit, who for centuries has been celebrated as the warrior goddess of Ibiza, representing fertility, dance and the creation of life. This year, the island had a ‘no dancing’ ban! Could we even imagine such a thing in the past. I feel my firey rebellious spirit stirring even as I write this now…

Just like the people who live more naturally on the land in days gone by we have to remember to embrace our fighting spirit, our warrior spirit. This comes from our original nomadic hunter gatherer existence when we had to fight to survive…and essentially it is still the same - we are fighting to survive, except now the opponent is more sophisticated, insidious and multi-layered. But fight me must, and with the least collatorel damage to ourselves and to our future generations. We have to fight to maintain a positive mindset and state of mental health as we descend again into now familiar but new uncharted waters of restrictions.

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