How Dance can give us strength in 2021!

We have felt powerless in recent times. Our freedom has been curtailed

We have felt powerless in recent times.

Our freedom has been curtailed, our choice of how we go about our day stymied. Yet even in the most constricting of climates, in developed countries we have been educated to have a certain freedom of mind, thought and speech. And even if there is censorship in our media we have the ability to question.

Our minds, our thoughts, our intentions and our spirit are the most powerful tools we have to create change. One way to express them is through our bodies, through action, movement and dance. And if we dance and allow ourselves to express from a visceral honesty (ie listening to our bodies and connecting to our heart and guts), our truth is revealed, as energy cannot lie. This bodymindful presence and truth illuminates us to give us clarity, enhance our inner strength and resolve, in short to give us confidence to stride forth in the world.

Dance and flow into 2021 and begin the year with heartfelt intention, to express who You are and what values are important to you. Energetically our power is vast. Lets celebrate it in dance!

As the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said over twenty five centuries ago:
‘Mastering others is strength;

mastering yourself is true power.’