How Somatics can Help you have a Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all of you! Cultivating Trust and Surrender

A very Happy New Year to all of you!

And as we start the new post festive season of bad habit losing, finance reshuffling, gym joining, holiday planning and ‘sort my life out’ sessions, in the pressure to plan our best year yet and our most proactive, incredible decade ever I’m already feeling the pressure..I mean we’re not just talking New Year resolutions but a whole new decade of growth and abundance here right?

Did we all just catch our breath then? Is there some slight tightening around our ribs as the potential gravity of this sinks in, and a mild anxiety starts to hover around our upper body and circle within our head? Before this gets worse, I would like to introduce a single word to you – TRUST.

This word trust has many rich connotations. Infants and children trust in their main carer, and we count on and trust our friends and loved ones, especially in hard times. In personal committed relationships the concept of trust takes on deeper dimensions. And when it comes to business we pay more for brands we know and trust.

And yet how often do we trust in life?

Even when the going gets tough and it feels like we are in a whirlwind of chaos, I invite you to invite in the idea of trust. As I started to write this post I thought about all the times when events have not gone according to plan. And the more I thought about them the more “mishaps” I recalled. To review them now I can safely say the majority of those mishaps were, if not desirable at the time, insight producing and certainly gave me wise lessons.

So, notice how we feel as we allow that sensation of trust in. As we let the fullness of this word 'Trust' sink into our bodies, we may find we connect to a lower and deeper sense of knowing in our torso.

Whether you have your life quite mapped out right now with a short, medium and long term plan, or whether you feel some things are out of your control eg waiting on a job application or simply not knowing which direction your life should take; try trusting and ‘surrender’ to ‘what is’, without trying to force or shape its outcome in any way. Allowing that plans may take an unexpected detour and trusting that that is also ok. Trusting that everything over time will fall into place the way it’s meant to be.

Even if you think it is your dream job that you are waiting on, whatever the outcome of your application will be the right one. What you consider to be your dream job might not include the dream job that you have not yet even considered that may still be waiting out there for you.

To trust is not a cop out for all the things we need to do either; like getting the house, finances and health in order. And goals are a healthy motivation. But throwing in trust is like the mental safety net. It might even make us feel more confident. Try it and see how everything might just flow a little more smoothly.