Releasing the Winter Debris : A Day of Systemic Constellations, Shamanic Healing and Elemental Dance

We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as the days are getting warmer. And perhaps its time for us to let go of some of those winter habits that may be keeping us stuck. The heaviness in our bodies as we have piled on extra pounds for insulation. The increasing tension and stiffness from being less active, and our tendencies to be more quiet and inward. Winter is also a time for consolidation and healing. It is a time to take stock of our lives and make necessary repairs before spring arrives. While winter is a time of endings, it is also a time for beginnings.

And with Spring upon us; beautiful blossoms emerging, green shoots sprouting up and birds singing merrily, it is time for us to come out of hibernation. As we approach the end of winter, it is important to remember that new beginnings are always possible. We can shift our focus from survival to thriving.

As we emerge, just like the shoots and the flowers from the earth, we have the opportunity to slough off our winter skins and debris, emerge anew and get a fresh perspective. We can heal ourselves and our lives. We can dance into the new season with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Whilst I will always advocate Vitamin D for dance, we get vitamin D from our life source on this planet - the sun, which is pure vital energy or 'prana'. This vitamin protects our bones, muscles and heart, boosts our immune system and has been proven to increase our happiness. Is it any wonder that residents in countries that see little daylight in winter may be more susceptible to depression.

Our vital energy or 'prana' is also sourced from within, from our own sense of worth or wellbeing, and this can be more complicated to determine. On a somatic level we are comprised of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. In yoga, we have five koshas or energetic layers : annamaya - our physical sheath, pranayama - our vital energy sheath, manomaya - our mental sheath, vijnanamaya -our wisdom sheath and anandamaya - the bliss sheath.

And then there are the deeper energetic layers of our being; the ones that come from our histories; our ancestry, our culture, our family systems and beyond, depending on your personal belief system.

Constellations work looks at the patterns that we may hold within us at the level of body, mind and soul, from hidden dynamics we are unconsciously influenced by in our lives and environment.

When I attended a Systemic Constellations workshop recently, it was incredible the depths we went to, revealing new layers of understanding in family dynamics for the seeker (who normally comes with a specific issue). Part of its power is in how we as a group engage in the seeker's personal system; we embody certain key people in their system to give new insight. It is a co-created relational space, where we can invariably identify with our own personal stories and issues. Inspired by Zulu ancestral healing practices and Western psychotherapy, this work is poignant and beautiful.

I am very pleased to be supporting the next Systemic Constellations Day with Elemental, Somatic Dance, to allow us to truely release our winter excesses and debris and emerge into the spring. Hannah Syed, the very skilled Constellations facilitator will also be bringing her specific form of shamanic healing into the mix, which works with both spiritual guidance and the American Indian Medicine Wheel.

If you are anywhere near Bristol, Avon, then this is a definite diary date for you.

Awakening is on Sunday 3rd April, at the beautiful Gasworks Studio, Bristol.

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