The Power of the Collective

Creative Movement Summit, Diverse Artist Dance events, tales from India and FREE Awaken to Creative Flow Masterclass challenge coming soon

The power of the collective

I have felt blessed to be a part of some gorgeous gatherings recently, both online and in-person

At the Creative Movement Summit for the World Arts and Embodiment Forum last weekend we had such an amazing heartfelt sharing. So many dedicated practitioners and professionals committed to making a difference in the world through their art and intentions to support, heal, illuminate and educate through Creativity and Creative Movement in the world. There were participants from America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The WAEF is from the Inspirees group, originally a Chinese Dutch company, that, in their words:

‘ bridge China, East, West and the world by breaking down the cultural barriers based on human-centered approach.’

Important work, and there is still a long way to go.

(nb There are still ongoing summits in Laban Movement and Authentic Movement later on this month with WAEF).

Then a few days ago I attended an in-person meeting for dance practitioners and artists in Bristol, thirty miles from me, that included discussions around sustainability, promoting the benefits of dance for health and wellbeing, and beautiful performances from Afro Brazilian, Cuban, Tibetan cultures, contact improvisation and more. Supported by the Diverse Artists Network – a network to include All Artists from all backgrounds, abilities, beliefs. What a wonderful premise for a network. We are all beautifully diverse, uniquely different, yet we come together.

Whether globally, or locally in my south west region of the UK, the sentiment remains the same. The power of dance still needs more recognition, understanding, and support!

And there is strength in gathering together. It means we are not alone.

Then last night I gave the last session of the course in Creative Consciousness I have been running (based on Frank Natale’s Results course), in person, just down the road from me in Stroud. These last 6 weeks have been a held container of exploration, expression and some illuminating insights into ourselves. We have danced with sensitivity and power, with seriousness and with humour!

And there is a power in coming together to share our experiences. Whether we share with words or presence, there is the unconditional sense of support. A shared resonance of our humanness, in all its ‘perfectly imperfect’, or imperfectly perfect’ condition.

Mental health has been flagged as a big concern of our modern day human condition. More than ever many of us feel isolated and suffer from loneliness at times. In western culture especially, many of us are estranged from, or live far from our families.

When I have travelled in India, it is very common to see three generations of family living together, and they often rent out a room to travelling foreigners. Certainly some of these travellers might not be emotionally close to their own families and it feels somehow paradoxical that they travel afar in order to experience more sense of family and belonging. Paradoxical perhaps, but potentially healing.

If you have been feeling detached, disconnected or isolated, then I would like you to consider that we in fact live in a quantum field of interconnected communication and thought resonance. And the technology of the internet can help to bridge this divide and distance, when done well! A marrying of technology with old school in person connection.

niio dance is created from the sense of connection we have, from within in ourselves, and with the support that is out there for us in the collective field. And all through the power, joy and transformation that is possible through somatic awareness, our living natural world and the freedom of dance!

I will be offering new in person and online events very soon, including a FREE 3 part Masterclass challenge – Awaken to Creative Flow.

In the meantime, join my FREE mini course Embody : find your Centre and get ready to dance

See you soon!