The Sacred Hug

As the summer is winding down here in the UK, I am already feeling wistful.

As the summer is winding down here in the UK, I am already feeling wistful.

This picture was taken at a very special event of beautiful hearted souls, Golden Path Gathering that was small but perfectly formed with some incredibly deep transformational practitioners.

In the elemental dance session I gave, we connected our hearts with the heartbeat of every other being on this planet. As we came together in ceremonial circle to give each other a Sacred Hug we sensed into the emphatic support of each other. And as we physically connected in this solid embrace, our sympathetic nervous system, our modern day fight or flight over deliverer, could go on vacation.

When we hug we produce oxytocin, the love or compassion hormone which can reduce our stress, boost our mood and our immune system. How ironic is this simple yet powerful act that we have had to abstain from in recent times.

At the end of the session we all felt tears of emotion well up, as we had been touched in a way that we have almost forgotten how to be, in these unsettling times when we have been driven by fear and loss.

If we are feeling a lack of support in our lives, or if we do not have someone readily available that we can hug, then we can also give ourselves some self-love and compassion with a self-hug. We can begin by holding ourselves firmly to the point where we are sinking our hands deep into the boney structure of our arms, our shoulders and then sensing into our rib cage, before we wrap our arms fully and firmly around ourselves.

This solid grasp of our physical being immediately takes energy away from our busy minds. If we suffer from anxiety or overthink, this holding can bring us back down into our bodies. It is similar to the idea of having to pinch yourself to check that you are not dreaming. A physical jolt to bring you back to reality.

And allow your breath to swell up and rise if it needs, but then just release….and release. There is something extremely grounding in sensing into the physical support of our skeleton. And we always have this gift - our living soma - our physical, mental and emotional body and being - which we take for granted, and often abuse by pushing to the limits instead of listening to.

How often do you listen to your body?

And how often do you give or receive hugs?

As they say, the best things in life are free…

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