Wild Warrior Wisdom Heart

Transformational Life Coaching through Somatic Dance

Allow me to guide you home to your authentic truth in this unique bespoke life coaching process. .

We meet and assess what you would like to work on and set specific goals.

I support, guide and empower you to find your own answers, through accessing the intelligence in your soma – your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being to shine a torch on your path

Take self-responsibility and embody the life you choose.

Embrace your highest self and reclaim your role as Creator.

Through self-awareness:
We learn to listen more deeply to our body signals within - through our 'interoception' and we reflect on the bigger picture, something we often do not have the time for. eg:

⚪  What is important to you?  

⚪  What are your values?

⚪  What is your belief system?

As you work with your unconscious mind, you will begin to understand yourself better

🤍  You begin to recognise your own self -limiting beliefs and patterns.

🤍  You gain clarity and new perspective

🤍  You begin to see new possibilities

🤍  You create a new vision
When we experience embodiment:
⚪ We are grounded and centred in our bodies

⚪ We come from a calmer place
⚪ Our bodies are more receptive

⚪ We improve our soft skills

⚪ We are more able to give and receive

Through movement and dance:
⚪ Our brainwaves slow down from beta to alpha and theta as we enter into more relaxed states

⚪ We enter into right brain thinking to access our creativity, (rather than stay in our rational left brained thought process)

⚪ We access our subconscious realms

⚪ We find answers from a deeper more grounded place

⚪ We receive new intuitive insights and understanding

⚪ We are much kinder to ourselves

⚪ We embody the vision that we desire, so that we can anchor our dreams into reality

The Transformation Roadmap:
In this roadmap for transformation, my coaching is governed by these qualities:

🤍 Wild Warrior- when we realise we have a choice we can harness our power and warrior energy.  We have focus, dedication, purpose, and determination. We take responsibility for our actions.

 🤍 Wisdom Heart - Through the wisdom of our hearts we can have radical self-love, be empowered and embrace acceptance.  

🤍 Awareness and Authenticity – being aware means to open our eyes to see the truth. When we see the truth, we see everything just as it is, without clouded lenses and this is very freeing  
How I work:
⚪ I ask empowering questions  

⚪ I expand your awareness (sometimes this can be slightly uncomfortable because I can ask quite deep questions – eg if I spot a hidden saboteur’s space) And if I don't think you're being fair to yourself or fair to a situation I will also point that out.

⚪ I set specific goals to support you to make a plan of action  

⚪ I support and guide you to find your own answers. There is no such thing as failure, only valuable lessons and enriching experiences that cannot be learnt from a textbook.

Why I can help:

⚪  I will use open listening and then pinpoint with accuracy the crux of a situation.

⚪ I know what it is like to feel stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled, restricted by family and cultural expectations, to feel empty or lost, to feel unsupported or alone...and this can happen even if we have the outward trappings of success

⚪ I use a combination of  somatic movement education, embodiment, transformational dance, my counselling, teaching and coaching skills.

The only constant in life is change.

Aside from the influence of Taoism from my heritage, and my spiritual explorations in India, I have also been deeply guided in recent years by Toltec Wisdom. The Toltecs were great women and men of knowledge who lived thousands of years ago in the area that is now known as south central Mexico.

In the Nahuatl language, Toltec means “artist,” and according to their teachings, the canvas for their art is life, a way of life in which their great masterpiece is living in happiness and love.

The Toltecs created three Masteries for the artist:

🤍 Awareness

🤍 Love, intent, or faith.

🤍 Transformation

The Toltecs considered themselves “artists of the spirit.”