Creative Dance Mini Course for All levels

fun and playful creative free dance

 This mini course will get you moving and grooving !

This set of recordings from original zoom classes are short enough to easily fit into your lunch break,
but long enough to really give lasting benefit and change.  

These five fun dance lessons have mesmerising soundtracks that range from melodic, funky, hypnotic, tribal to progressive beats – that will stimulate and inspire you ,
and this is a moving dancing resource that you will return to again and again!  

And there are no rules! No expectations! No obligations!

we’ve been holding onto a lot of fear in these times, which manifests in stress, illness and contraction in our bodies
 if we release this, we can learn to be in the moment
through playfulness we can relax and learn to let go finding calm in a body mindfulness
when we invite ease and freedom into our bodies
we allow in new space
we allow in new possibilities
we tap into our imagination to be creative
when we are creative we expand our minds
we develop innovative thinking
we gain a sense of aliveness and new surge of energy ………….
perhaps we lost ourselves a little bit in these last couple of years
something needs to be reclaimed –
an inner knowing that resides deep in our bodies,
detached from external decisions that have been imposed upon us ………...

Side effects may include smiling, feeling good, feeling connected and regaining a sense of self
we tap into our creative life force!


 Lesson  1 – Breath - 38.11  
breathing  bending  stretching  shaking  softening the body breathing into the body
  finding different ways to move across the floor  
Lesson 2  - Body – 42.37  
body parts
moving different parts of our body
body conversations  
Lesson 3 – Duality – 38.27  
duality the masculine and the feminine
the yin and the yang  
Lesson 4 – Emotion – 40.39  
working with our emotions
how do they play out in our body? What can we find to celebrate in our day?  
Lesson 5 – Celebration – 43.30

Total running time 202.44 mins
Availability – unlimited.  

We had a lot of fun during this live course, and here is a testimonial from the sessions: