5 Day Creative Dance Fun Challenge!

Come join me Live in this Fun Creative Dance Challenge!

No rules! No expectations! No obligations!

we’ve been holding onto a lot of fear in these times, which manifests in stress, illness and contraction in our bodies
 if we release this, we can learn to be in the moment
through playfulness we can relax and learn to let go finding calm in a body mindfulness
when we invite ease and freedom into our bodies
we allow in new space
we allow in new possibilities
we tap into our imagination to be creative
when we are creative we expand our minds
we develop innovative thinking
we gain a sense of aliveness and new surge of energy ………….
perhaps we lost ourselves a little bit in these last couple of years
something needs to be reclaimed –
an inner knowing that resides deep in our bodies,
detached from external decisions that have been imposed upon us ………...

Side effects may include smiling, feeling good, feeling connected and regaining a sense of self
we tap into our creative life force!

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