Find Your Freedom
A Dynamic Movement Journey

New energy
Sparkling Shining
In your dynamic flow
Soaring and rising with the waves of your inner ocean
Where the boundaries merge between your inner self and your outer Self
Where time stands still
Become the energy of the breath of life
Infinite Freedom

Warm Up
13.21 mins

This lusciously fun warm up starts gently as it gets you into you body, oozing warmth and ease as you start to flow, gradually becoming more upbeat as it leads into dance. 

from Find Your Flow with Dance Basics

Dance Journey
13.57 mins

Fun. funky and frivolous,  This dance journey will get you moving across the floor in ways you didn't know you could! Upbeat and playful, with as always a great soundtrack. 

extra dance for  Find Your Flow with Dance Basics

11.08 MINS

Feeling your breath travel through all the fluids of your cells in a deep watery somatic meditation, rippling, cleansing, stilling. Coming back to your simple cellular essence. 

from Roots and Wings

You can see previews of warm ups, dance journeys and meditations from modules of the main Niio course journey, to give you an idea of how this journey might look and sound (until actual previews become available). NB.This dance journey is an exclusive extra dance, not available on the courses.

Great course, really enjoying it.
Love your instruction and the lovely backdrops, and the meditations are really beautiful.

Also its really helping with my lower back, which has been giving me a lot of pain but is getting better and better.

And my husband has noticed I'm being a lot more expressive in my dancing!

Wellness Expert

Oh my goodness,loving your course!

Love love love the music... the African dance in the first was wonderful,,, felt the spirits near..  

Circus Performer

7.83 is the Shuman resonance, the frequency of the electro magnetic field of the earth, you could say the earth's heartbeat. Incredibly this is the same frequency as our alpha theta brainwave, when we are relaxed and dreamy and when cell regeneration and healing can happen. This is also why being close to the earth is so essential for our wellbeing and why these Dance Journeys have been energetically priced at this special frequency.