Find Your Flow
A Gentle Movement Journey

Ease and sense into your being
Breathing in
Finding space
Finding peace
  The path of least resistance
Letting the winds take you and carry you  
Wander, unwind, meander
In the flow of the now

Warm Up
10.44 mins

A slow and gentle movement warm up where we open into our body,  looking into how and from where our movements begin.

from Find Your Flow with Dance Basics

Dance Journey
28.12 mins

A gorgeously melodic and dreamy dance, that explores the tides and rhythms of your fluid motion, your inner waves, and the waves of the universe. 

Extra dance for Roots and Wings


A mental clear out of anything that doesn't serve you to allow in that which does. Feeling your expansiveness as your boundaries dissolve. 

from Find Your Flow with Dance Basics

You can see previews of warm ups, dance journeys and meditations from modules of the main Niio course journey, to give you an idea of how this journey might look and sound (until actual previews become available). NB.This dance journey is an exclusive extra dance, not available on the courses.

Pauline Crozier

Aerial Yoga Teacher
/Studio Owner

'Niio Dance was a very transformative practice for me.  
Listening to Helene's words of guidance and inspiration I was able to hear the invitation to listen to the wisdom of my own body.
And I really loved the music Helene used, it carries you, takes you into yourself...
Niio Dance ... Shake out your stress and dance your way to freedom '


7.83 is the Shuman resonance, the frequency of the electro magnetic field of the earth, you could say the earth's heartbeat. Incredibly this is the same frequency as our alpha theta brainwave, when we are relaxed and dreamy and when cell regeneration and healing can happen. This is also why being close to the earth is so essential for our wellbeing and why these Dance Journeys have been energetically priced at this special frequency.