Find Your Joy
An Uplifting Dance Journey

What lights you up, lifts you, makes you sparkle?
What excites you?
Inspires you..?
Lift your spirits
Boost your immune system
Get up and go
Get up and glow
Superfood for your soul

Warm Up
13.02 mins

This is a deeply soulful journey into the chambers of our heart, drawing on patterns of petals and mandalas, coming back to the rhythmic pulse of life that curses through you. 

from Creative Dance Flow

Dance Journey
17.09 mins

This is a fun and upbeat dance that will guaranteed put a spring in your step and a smile to your day. Experimenting with different rhythms and different moves to wiggle, jump, skip, play and everything in between! Wake up from inertia and sluggishness, and feel upbeat for the rest of your day!

extra dance for Find Your Flow with Dance Basics

12.28 mins

Reclaiming your childhood innocence. Embracing care, compassion and all the beautiful gifts that the loving universe has bestowed upon you. A heartwarming and life affirming meditation. 

from Creative Dance Flow

You can see previews of warm ups, dance journeys and meditations from modules of the main Niio course journey, to give you an idea of how this journey might look and sound (until actual previews become available). NB.This dance journey is an exclusive extra dance, not available on the courses.

Pauline Crozier

Aerial Yoga Teacher
/Studio Owner

'Niio Dance was a very transformative practice for me. What we need to heal is to feel what's going on for us. By going inward and being able to focus on the aliveness of our bodies, our minds and emotions.

And I really loved the music Helene used, it carries you, takes you into yourself.  Niio Dance ... Shake out your stress and dance your way to freedom '


7.83 is the Shuman resonance, the frequency of the electro magnetic field of the earth, you could say the earth's heartbeat. Incredibly this is the same frequency as our alpha theta brainwave, when we are relaxed and dreamy and when cell regeneration and healing can happen. This is also why being close to the earth is so essential for our wellbeing and why these Dance Journeys have been energetically priced at this special frequency.