Find Your Power
An Evolutionary Dance Journey

What is the source of your energy?
What is your strength, your skill, your talent?
How do you move in the world?
Are you a butterfly or a bear
where is the source of your fire
What keeps you up at night?
What are your gifts?
How can you serve?
 How can you lead?

Warm Up
18.44 mins

A structured warm up with power moves that melts into a freer flow dance. Stoke your inner fire, ignite your third chakra - the source of your will power and sense of who you are. Find your strong and your soft power!

from Roots and Wings

Dance Journey
25.29 mins

Connecting to mother earth and to the power of our ancestors. grounding into the essence and solidity of the power of You. Upbeat, funky, tribal. Deep, embodied, cathartic and fun. Rejuvenating, a celebration of life and longevity. 

extra dance for Roots and Wings

12.12 mins

Connecting to all the love and support that is there available for you - if you open to receive it. Connecting to the power of the universe.

from Creative Dance Flow

You can see previews of warm ups, dance journeys and meditations from modules of the main Niio course journey, to give you an idea of how this journey might look and sound (until actual previews become available). NB.This dance journey is an exclusive extra dance, not available on the courses.


Yoga Teacher

'It was amazing Helene, thank you so much for that session, I feel renewed, refreshed, recharged.
My body was tired from heavy daily house work.
Now the energy is flowing again!!
Also really enjoyed the opportunity to let go, dance as no one is watching, even voice out, as i rarely dare with others around..'


7.83 is the Shuman resonance, the frequency of the electro magnetic field of the earth, you could say the earth's heartbeat. Incredibly this is the same frequency as our alpha theta brainwave, when we are relaxed and dreamy and when cell regeneration and healing can happen. This is also why being close to the earth is so essential for our wellbeing and why these Dance Journeys have been energetically priced at this special frequency.