Find Your Zen
A Heart Warming Dance Journey

Find your zen,
Your calm and ease
Your inner sanctuary
Your inner haven
You stay calm, grounded, centred, tranquil
At peace
Feeling loved

Warm Up
15.18 mins

Let yourself sink and receive the healing energies of the earth, as you connect deeply in, and inviting in a still somatic awareness. Leading into a very gentle yogic opening. 

from Creative Dance Flow

Dance Journey
28.12 mins

A beautiful dance meditation that embraces loving kindness, and leads into a funky, joyful and passionate celebration of life, to find inner tranquil happiness. Some of my favourite tracks in this mix!

extra dance for Creative Dance Flow

11.09 mins

Reflecting on the cyclical nature of life and your place in the whole. We become prosaic and philosophical as we put things into perspective and look at the bigger picture of life.

from Find Your Flow with Dance Basics

You can see previews of warm ups, dance journeys and meditations from modules of the main Niio course journey, to give you an idea of how this journey might look and sound (until actual previews become available). NB.This dance journey is an exclusive extra dance, not available on the courses.

It felt like a journey within my soul. Helene’s words were poignant.
 Afterwards I felt quite euphoric but peaceful, centered and grounded, connected to my heart, and the next day I felt more connected to my body, more relaxed, flexible and free.’


I loved your course.

It helped me to get through those tough days when I struggled to get on with anything!


7.83 is the Shuman resonance, the frequency of the electro magnetic field of the earth, you could say the earth's heartbeat. Incredibly this is the same frequency as our alpha theta brainwave, when we are relaxed and dreamy and when cell regeneration and healing can happen. This is also why being close to the earth is so essential for our wellbeing and why these Dance Journeys have been energetically priced at this special frequency.