Niio Dance Flow
Mondays 7 - 8.30 pm on Zoom
5 week block
15th November - 13th December

moving meditation and conscious dance outdoors

Feel Present, Powerful and Alive


Niio Dance Flow

A Creative, Ecstatic, Deep and Immersive Dance Experience
where we travel through the flesh, blood and bones of our body,
we connect to the elements,
 and our energetic Chakra centres

we get grounded

feel spaciousness

we explore within and without

we find our voices

we connect to our bodies and our hearts

we connect to each other


Class Breakdown

We begin with floorwork,
connecting to the ground,
and to our breath in a yogic and or somatic warm -up
where we wind down from the day,
and connect to our felt sensory body

We come to standing
where we continue with a guided warm-up
that leads into a Dance Journey

We finish with a final meditation

We have time for some sharing at the beginning and at the end of class so we can support each other

Niio Dance Flow

 Mondays 7 - 8.30pm
5 week block