2023 Reset :
Embrace the Power of your Higher Self

An embodied course in Creative Consciousness

  Thursdays 6.30pm for 7- 9pm  

Course Dates:  February 16th, 23rd,
March 2nd, 9th Mar, 16th, 23rd, 30th

St. Luke’s Therapy Centre, 53 Cainscross Road, Stroud GL5 4EX  

2023 Reset is a course calling you to embrace your highest self and reclaim your role as Creator. Rather than simply experiencing life, you take self-responsibility and embody the life you choose. This course  is an adaptation, using somatic techniques, moving meditations and dance from the original course 'Results: the Willingness to Create' by Frank Natale,
who pioneered Trance Dance in the 1980’s.
'Results' is a self-development course that has transformed tens of thousands of lives, and I have been directed to offer this course from the Frank Natale Institute.

2023 Reset will be the embodied, four dimensional version of 'Results', looking at yourself through your multi-layered Soma – your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Being. I will guide you through with moving meditations and dance, listening to the messages that arise when we release the energy from our frontal brain, and let our bodies speak.
Find answers from the deeper, grounded knowing that resides in our bodies.
When you start to realise and believe that you have the power to change, and you have the power to make anything possible, your self- image will shift. You will be much kinder to yourself and open up to infinite stores of possibility.

Over the 6 weeks you will look within at:
What is important to you?
What are your values?
What is your belief system?

Working with your unconscious mind, you will begin to understand yourself better and clarify your purpose.

And we do this through the joy, freedom and carthatic release of dance.
We will move, be expressive, use our voices and dance!

 The course is structured so that every week builds from the week before. We begin and close every session with a brief circle time, where we share clear, conscious communication. Being outwardly expressive and verbal with our intentions can strengthen and embed our new beliefs.

The way I work is to offer and hold a space where you come as you are. We always work from a heart centred space, practicing compassion for yourself and others. You are always free to take rest and sit out at any point during the session and you may like to jot down any thoughts or journal during.

And I always encourage you to bring your authenticity.

2023 Reset is about transforming your perception.

All of you is welcome and we will work together in a closed group to create a supportive and powerful container. We are all on this journey of life and together as a group we can create a powerful momentum for personal change.

Sessions are 7-9pm.
  Arrival is from 6.30pm where we can meet and have a cup of tea first in the candlelit garden.  

Booking Essential  

£125 for full course
£85 for 4 sessions
(If you cannot make all the dates, I have decided to offer a part-course option. This means that we are still a closed group, without drop-ins. Obviously it is far better to come to all the sessions for your benefit, but after every session I will send out an email with a brief recap of what we looked at in the session,  so that I do not repeat anything and impede the flow for the others.)

Sitting on the fence? Here is a brief 1 minute video from me to help clarify...would love you to join!: