Niio Dance flow

a Deep Dive Dance into your Creative, Somatic Self

A 7 week course

APRIL 16th - JUNE 4th 2021

dropping into the dance....finding your flow...

a 7 week mini dive into Niio Dance...

Would you like to go deeper to a deeper level when you move and dance, and gain more insight into yourself? Each week we will dance, focussing on a Sphere of Awareness in the Niio Foundation. These spheres are designed to inform, enhance and inspire our body mind connection, movement sensitivity and dance practice.

Course Elements - the 7 Spheres of Niio













is this course for me?

This course is a follow on from Niio Basics for you to drop deeper into your dance. Dance Basics focuses more on form and function, and gives you clear building blocks to create your own movements and dance.


Dance Flow looks deeper into our rich emotional,  imaginative and energetic somatic being.

This course is also for you if you enjoy dancing and feel confident with moving; but would like to explore your dance on a new, deeper level.


You may become inspired with new ideas and motifs. The invitation is for welcoming in flexibility, curiosity and openness. In this way, you may notice new details, nuances and textures in your movement, which may also reflect in your everyday activity and your movement in life. 


There are no official dance sequences to learn, and for more experienced or trained dancers, the invitation will be to find new freedom in your body and movement, without the constraints of stylised dance - new ways in and new ways out.

To fire and inspire your creative juices there is guidance and inspiration for you to develop and evolve your own dance from the weekly themes.  These may be connected to the natural world, such as the elements, nature or animals. they may also connect to your own personal themes, history or imagery.

NB When we tap into deeper emotions and feelings, there could be the possibility of some catharsis or release. Please be reminded that whilst dance and creative arts can be therapeutic, Niio Dance is not to be treated as a therapy in itself, and cannot be held responsible for course outcomes. At all times we need to remember to take responsibility for ourselves and to be aware of our self-care needs.

What you will Receive:

  • guided warm-ups

  • meditations

  • dance sessions

  • support from me - every week we have a live meet through Zoom where we can have a check-in,  a movement session and Q & A!

  • community - a closed fb group where we can share ideas and experiences

  • optional follow-on exercises

every week:


This video will give a concise warm up that prepares you for the session, or can be done on its own as a general mini warm up and movement session for your body.


1 x 30 min – VIDEO DANCE SESSON 

This video has focussed guidance to demonstrate new movement pathways,  time for you to follow, and then with freer guided movement exploration after. 

Downloadable as an mp3 so that eg you may listen on headphones outdoors. This will allow you the opportunity to sense into your body without external influence or distraction, discover your own dance flow, and get away from the screen!


1 x 10 min – MEDITATION


The meditations are also an opportunity to go back to basics, of the body and the breath, as we begin to explore our interior.  I give you simple guidance  accompanied with beautiful music and subtle visuals to help you ease into the meditative mind without pressure or expectation. 


7 x 30 min downloadable mp3s of the dance sessions

7 x 10 min downloadable mp3s of the meditation

Reflection exercises for each module completion


All the lessons are kept in the Niio Dance course portal for you to reference and access again for another 60 days after course completion. MP3's are yours to keep forever.

NB The Niio Foundation is a comprehensive exploration into dance through somatic and other energetic practices, and Dance Flow can only uncover the uppermost layers. If you feel inspired to explore deeper into the body mind connection, learn more about yourself and your body, and benefit from a moving meditation and dance practice in your health and wellbeing self-care programme, then you make wish to look at Niio Roots & Niio Wings instead.

NB: The pictures above are taken from previous Niio Dance courses, and are only indicative of how it may look. The actual course content may look different.