What is Niio Dance?

Health and Wellness with Embodied Dance

would you like to...

  • rejuvenate and find your mojo again?

  • relieve anxiety and stress?

  • lift your mood and combat depression?

  • have better sleep, more mental

      clarity and calm?

  • gain resilience and find support for life transitions?

  • find an anti aging programme that brings more fun and joy into your life?

  • get body confident and find health and wellness through embodied dance?

  • discover a new creative you?

Well you can!

It's free, needs no special equipment and a side effect could be that people think you have had a makeover or fantastic holiday..

such is the potential power of Dance.


Experience the pure joy and ecstatic euphoria of flow state in dance, when you become fully present, fears and worries fade, time stands still..

and you feel you can take on the world.

Dance for Health and Happiness

Make Niio Dance a powerful part of your health and wellness programme.

It aims to restore the flow of vital energy through the body – flowing energy that makes us feel more grounded, alive and powerful. When we learn in our bodies, the learning is deeper and more fundamental as it bypasses our higher cognitive reasoning faculties. To drop deeper into our bodily knowing is connecting with our true self. 

‘You create a place of inner peace and bliss,

with laughter and joy’


Dan, Hampshire

Niio is a play on the Greek word ‘Neo’ which means new, and stands for New Integrated Inspired Openings.


Niio Dance promotes a new joyful, resilient and empowered self; inspired by the curiosity and wonder of our childhood imagination, one that we lose as we enter the serious business of the adult world.

There are no formal steps and routines, only guidance; somatic cues, suggested symbols and structures to inspire and support us as we move and explore. It is about letting go and just having a go - playful and accessible to all.

Niio's emphasis is on listening into our bodies and feeling, it is not about how it looks. This empowers us to make individual choices, own our movements and actions and be our own authority. Our bodies are constantly in flux and change throughout our lives, and it is the invitation of possibility into our awareness that can initiate transformative growth.

'Really surprised by the depth of experience. So valuable to get in touch with the inner truth of my body,

from my body.

Great to give my body time to freely express my self.'


 Sonja, Somerset

health and wellness through embodied dance for seniors

inspired by:

  • Nature & the Elements

  • Soulful and foot stomping Music

  • Open heartedness


  • Non Judgement


  • Inclusivity


  • Smiles and Sunshine


  • Our universal right to have a Happy, Healthy and Purposeful life.

ancient Body Mind Wisdom with Somatics

Niio Dance is informed by:

Body-Mind Centering

the structure and systems of our bones, fluids and tissues, that recognises our bodies have both structural and energetic integrity and qualities.

Life Art Therapy

When dance is connected to our real-life issues – it is what one of my teachers Anna Halprin (about to turn 100, who healed herself through dance) calls the Life Art process. We get insight into our inner emotional world. [1]

the Tao

The ancient Chinese ‘way’ which celebrates acceptance, change, creativity and flow in life, and in which my ancestral DNA is  steeped.

Yoga and the Chakra system

The union of our breath and body in yoga, its ensuing Mindfulness, and the Chakras - yogic energetic power centres (nb notably similar to Maslow’s Self-Actualistion model in Psychology, and connected to our endocrine system which is our body system for transformation).

a Lifetime Exploration

of self-exploration and dance research; including Ballet, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Dance Movement Therapy, Somatic Movement Education and extended Conscious, Ecstatic and Shamanic dance journeys, especially outdoors around the globe.

attaining Flowstate

To attain that optimal state of consciousness, Flowstate - as defined by positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in his seminal work ‘Flow, The Psychology of Happiness’ 1990.


(Note: Flow State has been likened to the much older philosophy of the flow in 'TAO', amongst other ancient philosophies of 'hightened' states of consciousness..)


  • requires skill and concentration

  • involves intense focus

  • is goal-directed

  • provides ongoing feedback

  • can feel both challenging yet effortless

  • you feel in control

  • you lose track of time


nb. Niio Dance is not a 'Therapy'. Although it may have potentially therapeutic benefits, if you are particularly struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, and mental health concerns, then it may be advisable to seek appropriate professional help. Please click here for more info.