Growing Roots and Wings - a 7 Week Course

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Embodiment and Empowerment

Vitality and Strength for Seniors.


‘Find your feet’ literally and metaphorically, and form a solid foundation for your being and moving. From this secure base, we can feel confident to move forward.


By grounding and connecting to the earth we have the underlying support to grow and expand. This earth connection gives us the power to build and to ‘spread our wings’.


We work with the breath, our fundamental life giver and learn to recognise how its condition is a direct barometer for our health. It is our immediate connection to everything around us, and a powerful tool to both energise and relax us.


We learn about the structural integrity of our bodies, our inner connection, and the energetic qualities of our body systems. Our minds are very busy in this modern world and we have become disconnected from our bodies; we have lost touch with our inner strength.


We learn how the elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water inform our inner power centres and support our outer movements. The forces and forms of nature guide and inspire us in our movement explorations.


We have fun! We commit to our personal wellbeing by allowing ourselves to have some serious healthy ‘fun’. Smiling is encouraged and we may even laugh at times. Laughter releases stress and tension, boosts our immune system, diminishes pain, produces endorphins and generally lifts our mood. A win/win.


If you would like to feel more confident about moving and dancing, to lose self-consciousness and enjoy being in the moment, this course is a perfect foundation for you. You will receive guidance on basic dance principles to support you, new ways to think about moving and ideas to open and inspire your imagination. Rather than shy away from social situations where there are opportunities to dance, you will become part of the celebratory spirit of the event!


and groovers

This course is also for experienced movers. Even if we have danced all our lives, we can go back to basics and learn something new. When we approach with the Zen Beginner’s Mind, we are always a beginner.


This means we have no expectations, preconceptions or judgements; we invite in flexibility, curiosity and openness. In this way, we may notice new details, nuances and textures in our everyday activity and ourselves. We may find new ways to move and break free of the same ‘go-to’ patterns.  We may also learn a whole lot more about our body and ourselves that we did not even realise! And we go deeper into our dance.

What you will gain:

  • more energy and vitality


  • expanded movement reach and repertoire

  • lightness and laughter as you commit to the ‘work’ of allowing yourself to Play


  • structures and frameworks to support your movement, both in your dance and externally into the world


  • a sense of wholeness and connection within


  • new certainty within yourself and confidence in your abilities, as you become more comfortable in your own skin


  • potentially new perspectives and inspirations for yourself and for life


NB:  All the above are potential gains, dependant on time and commitment invested, prior health conditions and abillities. Seven weeks is an introduction to what is possible, building a solid foundation. We go into more depth and exploration in Niio Dance Part I and II launching in 2021.





We will work with connecting to the earth, find our ‘footing’, feeling stability, finding our centre and our balance. Learning to notice and recognise when we are off balance.


Our bone is living tissue, the core of our innermost being and of creation itself. Sensing into this inner support, we can improve our posture and liberate our mobility. By having a sense of our holding, we can literally ‘get a grip’ on ourselves and be stable.




Our breath is our gateway to freedom. When we are anxious or stressed our breath is immediately compromised. Moving through our fears we can learn to receive our breath fully to energise, awaken and empower.


At the same time we can use it to relax our parasympathetic or ‘rest and digest’ system.  Our breath is not only our lifeline it is our ultimate tool.


Structural Integrity


We learn to sense into our body, to explore how we intrinsically connect – to ‘join the dots’ of our being. This will help us feel more co-ordinated, in sync and in tune with ourselves.


We tap into our innate tensile support, learn to let go of tension, stress and anxiety and to relax and pacify our overstimulated nervous system.




When we connect to our passion and our inner power, we fan the flames of inspiration and action.


We connect to our warrior strength and to getting things done.

We are energised, enlivened, fuelled on our natural endorphins.

We feel vital and alive.




We have 7 fluid systems in our body.


When we can sense into and recognise the different rhythms we have, and connect to our fluid natures, we can learn to navigate around obstacles, adjust to sudden changes of direction, meander and find a way through.


We also discover new fluidity and grace within our bodies.




We are electrical beings and the signals of our heart are sixty times stronger than that of our brain.


Being able to connect to our feelings, and welcome them in with perception and awareness we can gain insight, develop our soft skills and improve our communication and relationships.


At the same time we are kinder to ourselves, our bodies relax, we relieve stress and invite in peace and joy.




A final week to integrate the new information we have received. We enjoy more mobility and less pain in our bodies and feel more confident in our movement and our dance.


We may have brought up and released some emotional baggage.  


New insights into our present life circumstances may emerge and we will feel lighter, brighter and more ready to step out into the world.

What you will Receive:

  • guided warm-ups

  • meditations

  • dance sessions

  • support from me - through live Q& A and weekly check-ins

  • community - closed fb group, also we will have intro, half-way through and closing check-in/Q & A zoom session

  • optional follow-on exercises

every week:





Both with focussed guidance and with the freedom to explore your own movement with my support.

Downloadable as mp3 so that eg you may listen on headphones outdoors. This will allow you the opportunity to discover your own dance flow, without external influence or distraction


1 x 20 min – MEDITATION


All the lessons are kept in the Niio Dance course portal for you to reference and access again at your convenience. 

Course Price £185 or £135 Early Bird enrol by 5th October!

nb Should you decide to do Niio 1 & 2 next year, the course fee will be less the amount you pay for this Foundation course.

Please contact me to be kept in touch and enrolment details

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