Creative Wellbeing and Embodied Awareness
Programs for Groups

Embodied Empowerment for
Self- Care and Success

We are a dynamic system with a constant biochemical potential for change and growth, and somatics looks deep into this.

Having a grounded physical presence in our bodies – ie being embodied - gives us an inner strength and confidence to stride out and be effective in the world.

When we ground into our bodies and into the earth, we release our nervous tension. Our mind chatter and brain waves slow down to connect to the same electromagnetic frequency as the Earth.

In this alpha beta state, we start to access new creative vision.  Like an internal GPS we can focus and discern with a clear sense of purpose, reclaim our power and ‘joie de vivre’.

We own our self worth to stand our ground, and speak up for ourselves,  to be fully in our truth and authenticity.

Embodied Authenticity for
Creative Communication

 If we come from an environment where it is not deemed appropriate to show our emotions, for fear of appearing weak or vulnerable,  then this can come across as hard, brittle and cold, giving an implicit signal of aloofness or difficulty to work with.

By becoming more somatically aware, in tune with yourself and your body, you may manage your emotions better in a way that feels safe and contained.

When we feel connected from within, we can extend out into the world and relate clearly, confidently and compassionately.

 Not only do we nurture our soft skills, we release stress, boost our immunity and feel good hormones. A win win!

NB I like to work in a way that is down-to-earth, where we are light-hearted rather than too serious, (defeating the object of being more relaxed and in the body). Incidentally, it has been proven that laughter has the power to strengthen the immune system,
and release endorphins that energise and relax us. So I would prefer to think of the 'Workshops' as 'Playshops', but perhaps I need to stay just a little bit serious...

The Programs are structured into 5 themed workshops,
but I  can tailor to your needs, and create something bespoke:

1 - Physical Coping Strategies for Stress

We begin by grounding though our body to find our centre and start to relax. We quieten our brain, lower the cognitive load and soothe our nervous system with ancient but powerful techniques of breath-work and simple self – massage techniques. Leave with a toolbox of exercises that are your constant resource.

2 - Somatic Awareness

Come to a deeper mental calm and connect to the support and resilience in your body. Through curiosity, sensing and enquiry, we learn to read ourselves and our reactions, patterns and habits. We learn to understand our body signals and trust our instincts. We gain a deeper presence and reconnect to our inner power. As we gain insight, we realise our values and what we stand for and find new motivation.

3 - Finding Ease and Flow

Gain more clarity and enable better decision making as we move out of inertia and become unstuck. By releasing our inner physical tensions using gentle movement and the intelligence of somatic awareness, we can restore agility and the flow of vital energy in our bodies. As we bring back more ease and flexibility, this in turn creates more flexibility in our minds and promotes neurogenesis, the growth of new neural pathways.

4 - Empowerment

We learn to stand our ground with calm assertiveness and learn how to hold ourselves, to be and to practice power poses for confidence. Through this we gain calm and grounded presence to reconnect to our inner power and own our self-worth. We work through self-sabotaging beliefs and stop our inner critic to recognise the true value of our unique skills and gifts. We set boundaries and stay clear and focussed on our vision. We connect to a higher wisdom and realise our potential to be limitless.

5 - Liberate Our Voice 

Using our voice effectively is the most powerful sound healing possible because the vibrational energy that moves through us comes from within. And it is activated by our own desire and agency for expression. Using communication practices and potential role play we learn how to handle certain situations in the workplace. We learn to voice our needs and wants and through more grounded presence in the body, we can access a more resonant voice of power and expression.

'I have really appreciated Helene's versatility. When I started working with her, I was both unfit and had a lot of headaches. Helene helped me identify some of what was leading to those headaches, and gave me exercises that really helped me ground myself in my body. I feel much more at ease in myself as a result. '


'During a very stressful time in my life, Helene has helped me through one to one sessions with my breathing which was having implications for my physical and emotional well being. Helene identified simple exercises adapted to my particular circumstances which I can use on a day to day basis. She listened carefully to my situation and used her training and knowledge from across many disciplines to enable me to take control and start to find my voice.

I would be very happy to recommend Helene to you''


‘Mastering Others Is Strength. Mastering Yourself Is True Power’
Lao Tzu