learning dance online and Niio Dance 
find joy and connection...the benefits of dance...a coming home to yourself

The Niio Dance courses are shot in stunning outdoor locations that are wild, ancient, elemental, often with sacred, symbolic or energetic significance. 

With music created by some of the most progressive and eclectic artists, Niio Dance courses are a visual and sonic feast.
Discover the true joy of music, moving meditation and dance all from the comfort of your home.

'I love your way of working with me. You have got such wisdom, humbleness and congruence about you that I feel very honoured to have these sessions with you...this is coming from my heart!'

Satu, Esalen Massage Therapist

a word from Helene..

I would not try to compare the energy of a large mass gathering of dancers and musicians to the intimacy and personal developmental aspect of an online dance course.

This is a course for you.

All the videos are bite sized to fit into a busy schedule, and designed to bring you fully into the present in a fun and light hearted way.

Take time out for yourself to reflect on the bigger picture of your unfolding life.    

Be kind to yourself, and in doing so find a freedom and a courage to go beyond your usual comfort zone, that will filter into other aspects of your life.

'In spite of some misgivings that the course was on a computer, I found the course very enjoyable. There was so much that was new in the sessions that I can't comment on it all, but I will continue to use the recordings long into the future, as I carry on exploring. There only remains to say, thank you Helene, for the gift you have given. Bless you.'

Elizabeth, Grandmother

Niio Dance Courses are designed to..

 - Help you release long held tensions, and rigid patterns in the body.

 - Relieve stress and calm your nervous system

 - Be more present. Have a stronger sense of self -  which strengthens your spirit, your will and determination. 

- Give you new confidence, to make decisions and plans

-  Allow you new ideas and insights, through opening new pathways in the body

"It felt like a joyous journey of reconnection with  myself  beyond all the distractions and busyness of life....  Empowered, joyful, grounded, aware, alive.."

Jess, Environmentalist

Practical and Safety Aspects

Create a safe space for yourself:

 - make sure there is enough room with no furniture or obstacles in your way

 - perhaps light a candle to create a symbolic space

 - ensure you will not be disturbed, so that you can stay focussed and drop into the activity. To feel free and as the poet Rumi said ‘dance like nobody is watching’.

 - Self-care – honour your own rhythm, pace and energy levels.

NB. If at any point something gets too much either physically or emotionally, then it is advisable to stop immediately, rest and if necessary to seek professional help.

Course Structure

Every course is set out in a clear, easy to follow format:    
A.  Introductory Course Video    
1.  Module Introduction  

a) subject overview and points of interest eg historical, anatomical, symbolic
b) safety points, aims and intentions.    

2.  Warm –Up Video    

This can be done as a  mini movement activity in itself. 

3.  Dance Video    

We begin with time to arrive, before going into more active movement. 
Concepts, ideas and themes are introduced before it opens into guided freer dance.    

4.  Meditation    

The meditations I teach come from various schools, but are underpinned by the teachings of pranayama in yoga and insight meditation.     

5. Post- Dance Reflection and related Exercises

When we move and dance, certain thoughts and feelings, memories and issues may come to the surface of our consciousness.

It is advisable to keep a journal during the course, and for these reflective exercises. They can be for your personal reference, or you may like to share insights with your fellow course members when we meet:

6. Group Video Meet-Ups

We come together on a weekly basis.

From past experience, Niio Dance attracts those with a keen or informed interest in the body mind as well as movement and dance, and it can be a very supportive and heartwarming group.

7. Downloadable Dance Journey mp3's

These audio journeys are yours to keep forever!

Get away from the screen. Sense into your body without external influence or distraction and discover your own dance flow.

You might even be tempted to stick on some headphones and dance outdoors !

  ' My space at home felt part of Helene’s space it didn't feel uncomfortable dancing on my own, even at times when I could feel resilience arise in my body, like I wanted to stop dancing, I would hear Helene’s voice encouraging me, talking to me and I managed to work through it. Helene has so much to share and is such a generous and empowering teacher. Her instruction is so natural you can feel it comes from the heart. It was my favourite tool for staying well in lockdown. '

Pauline, Yoga Teacher