Niio Dance Part 1

Body. Inner Connection. Vitality. Self.



This course will reconnect you to yourself, your presence and being in the world,

and your zest for life.


Renew your relationship to your breath and your body and connect to its innate strength

and power, through the energy and exhilaration of dance.


In this modern age, our busy ‘monkey’ minds have difficulty to settle. We are so caught up with our ‘to do’ lists that we barely give ourselves time to rest properly

and to relax deeply into our bodies.


‘Embodiment’ is almost becoming a ‘trendy’ word in the coaching and business world.  If we are to be effective, we need to develop our inner somatic awareness

- to be ‘embodied’ - to stand our ground, to listen deeply,

to voice our opinion or to birth an idea.


And what better way than to do it through the joy of dance.


Through its creative movement you can find stillness and calm within. Even in the most lively and chaotic dance (a metaphor for life when things are turbulent), we can access a deeper inner calm.


We start from the basics and fundamentals so we can create

a solid foundation from which to grow.


  • Somatic Practices

  • Self-massage Techniques

  • Yogic Breathwork techniques – Pranayama

  • Yin Yoga

  • Guided Meditations from various Schools

  • Subtle Body Energetic work

  • Deeper Dance Practices and Explorations

  • Optional follow on Exercises

Aside from the Niio Dance Foundation and Fundamentals,

the course will include:

This course is for both beginners and experienced movers. Even if we have danced all our lives, it is always good to go back to basics. When we approach with the Zen Beginner’s Mind, we are always a beginner.


Feel more whole, have an increased sense of vitality, feel more surety and certainty in the amazing powerhouse that is your body. You may find you release some blockages, emotional or otherwise, if you commit to the ‘work’ of allowing yourself to Play.

Niio Dance Part 2

Being. Outer Connection. Vision. Creation.



In Part 2, we look to extend our connection beyond our physical bodies, into the wider world. This course is about connecting to the bigger picture, and learning to listen to and trust in our inner compass, and having the resources and strength to create and manifest

our vision and our dreams.


Learning to navigate setbacks and obstacles through creative manoeuvering and guided breathwork; our nervous system stays resilient, even and calm.


We learn to express and ask for what we want, finding our voices, connecting this with our will.  We find symbols, rituals, motifs that hold personal meaning for us, that support and guide us.


We learn to move and dance ‘big’ and as we become more confident in our movement and dancing, we challenge our self- limiting beliefs.  We can release blockages and emotional holdings that do not serve us. Feeling restrictions dissolve we can enter into our flow where it is possible to access our innate creativity. We integrate the power of our body with our mind,

to dream our world into being.

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