The Niio Map and Seven Spheres of Awareness

Dance for Health and Happiness

Niio Dance aims to restore the flow of our vital energy, that makes us feel more grounded, alive and powerful.

When we learn in our bodies, it bypasses our higher cognitive reasoning faculties. It is deeper, more fundamental.

NIIO - New Integrated Inspired Openings -promotes a new joyful, resilient and empowered self.

Be inspired by the curiosity and wonder that is forgotten in the serious business of the adult world

 'Thank you for providing safe and warm space for exploring different ways of moving our bodies. I feel more free and confident in free flow dancing, it's a great way to feel more present.'


ROOTS : Body - Inner Connection - Vitality - Self
In the Niio Journey of Empowerment we start from our foundation.


When we connect to the earth, we are held and supported. We find our ‘footing' and stability.  

This earth connection gives us the anchor and security to go forth and to ‘spread our wings’.

Grounding is also our base chakra, muladhara, which represents  our basic needs for survival.


Our breath is a direct barometer of our health and our gateway to freedom.

When we are anxious or stressed our breath is immediately compromised.    

We can use our breath to relax, energise, awaken and empower.    

Structural Integrity

We are an incredible living, liquid matrix of bones, tissues, tendons and fluids that all link together to create a harmonious orchestra.    

Through somatic awareness we tap into our inner support, and learn to let go of tension, stress and anxiety. 


 The element for fluidity is water, the same as the second or sacral chakra, svadhishthana, which represents our creativity.

When we connect to our fluids we can slowly release the constraints of our ordered lives, learn to navigate around obstacles in our lives, adjust to sudden changes of direction, meander and find a way through. A concept of the Tao. 

 'Thank you for a really stimulating class for both body and mind. I feel more connected to my core and feel better within myself physically and emotionally, and my acid reflux indigestion is not there...its subsided. Amazing!'


WINGS : Being - Outer Connection - Vision - Creation
Here we extend beyond our physical bodies and connect to the bigger picture.


Our power centre is in our core, our gut, our hara, our third chakra, manipura. This represents our will, our sense of self and self-expression.    

When we connect to our passion and our inner power, we fan the flames of inspiration and action.
When we are in our power  we feel vital and alive and we get things done.


We are electrical beings and the signals of  our heart are sixty times stronger than that of our brain.    
Through compassion we gain insight, develop our soft skills and improve our communication and relationships.    

We are kinder to ourselves and invite in peace and joy.


The first connection is with ourselves, our inner connection.

We then have the resources to develop awareness, recognise our strengths, qualities and gifts, to direct into the world.  

Our outer connection.  

Moving and expressing through dance is a way to find our inner and outer connection.

Attaining Flowstate

When we are in flow we are fully in the present and time stands still.

It is an optimal state of consciousness, originally defined by positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in his seminal work ‘Flow, The Psychology of Happiness’ 1990.

(Note: Flow State has been likened to the much older philosophy of the flow in 'TAO', amongst other ancient philosophies of 'hightened' states of consciousness..)

Flowstate requires:
 - skill and concentration
 - involves intense focus
 - is goal-directed
 - provides ongoing feedback
 - can feel both challenging yet effortless
 - you feel in control you lose track of time


We have fun!

Smiling and laughter are encouraged and one of the important elements of Niio Dance!

Laughter releases stress and tension, boosts our immune system, diminishes pain, produces endorphins and generally lifts our mood. A win-win.

nb. Niio Dance is not a 'Therapy'. Although it may have potentially therapeutic benefits, if you are particularly struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, and mental health concerns, then it may be advisable to seek appropriate professional help.

'Helene we had such a good dance off last night in your honour – was epic!!'