Somatic Dance and Wellness online

Soul Ritual 

This is an opportunity for you to take time out for yourself – as we begin a new month.

Time to rest, reflect and dream, that will be held and supported in deep compassionate space.

Session format:

4 – 4.20 pm– opening circle and meditation

4.20 – 4.50 pm – somatic warm-up

4.50 – 5.30 pm – movement and dance

5.30 – 5.45 pm - break

5.45 – 6pm – we come back together

6 – 6.45 pm – movement and dance

6.45 – 7pm – final closing circle

Sunday 3rd December 4 - 7pm £25

No experience is necessary. Just make yourself a comfy space where you will not be disturbed. Have mat, blanket, cushion as you prefer. Bring water and journal, and dress to be comfy.

Energising Breathwork

Learn simple exercises to wake up and boost your brain for optimum thinking, without the caffeine fix or hangover! Based on yogic philosophy, pranayama and somatic education. Fun lunchtime breaks to revitalise you for the week!
5 sessions from 31st October £25

Desktop Yoga

Release your tension, back and neck strain with easy yoga at your desk! We move, we flex, we wake up our sleepy bodies, ready to be more effective for the afternoon.
5 sessions from 2nd November £25