Roots and Wings : Warrior Heart

12 month VIP programme

Can you imagine feeling supported with all your entrepreneurial endeavors,

having a sense of knowing and trust that you are on track,

even when the going gets tough

What you receive:
🤍 An extra monthly group coaching call 90 mins for 9 months (the other 3 months are the 120 min calls/meet ups as part of Creative Consciousness with Toltec Wisdom). Group Coaching calls are the 4th Tuesday of every month 7-8.30 pm.

🤍 2 x extra 1 -2-1 coaching calls of 45 mins.

🤍 A VIP in-depth personal workbook, where you chart your progress throughout the year.

🤍 A private VIP facebook group, where we can always stay connected in between live sessions.

🤍 Follow on Course: Creative Consciousness with Toltec Wisdom (February – March – April 2024).

In this 3 month course our monthly Group calls become bi-monthly 2 hour meet-ups. Reforming and revisioning after Roots and Wings, we look further into applying the concepts of Toltec Wisdom into our lives through movement and dance, as well as receiving ongoing coaching. (NB. There are still ongoing bi-monthly zoom classes) 

This Program is currently closed for enrolment

The Transformation Roadmap:
In this roadmap for transformation, my coaching is governed by these qualities:

🤍 Wild Warrior- when we realise we have a choice we can harness our power and warrior energy.  We have focus, dedication, purpose, and determination. We take responsibility for our actions.

 🤍 Wisdom Heart - Through the wisdom of our hearts we can have radical self-love, be empowered and embrace acceptance.  

🤍 Awareness and Authenticity – being aware means to open our eyes to see the truth. When we see the truth, we see everything just as it is, without clouded lenses and this is very freeing  

NB: Rather than ‘life-coach’ I prefer to call myself an ‘empowerment facilitator’ but that is a lot more wordy! 
How I work:
🤍 I support, guide and empower you to find your own answers and to take action. There is no such thing as failure, only valuable lessons and enriching experiences that cannot be learnt from a textbook.

 🤍 I ask empowering questions  

🤍 I set specific goals to support you to make a plan of action  

🤍 I expand your awareness - through powerful and thought provoking questioning
(sometimes this can be slightly uncomfortable because I can ask quite direct and thought provoking questions – eg if I spot a hidden saboteur’s space) And if I don't think you're being fair to yourself or fair to a situation I will also point that out. 

Why I can help:

I have had more than my fair share of challenges and unexpected changes.

The only constant in life is change.

By harnessing the power and somatic intelligence in our bodies, we can be resilient and empowered.

The way I work is influenced by Taoism and Toltec Wisdom.

The Toltecs were great women and men of knowledge who lived thousands of years ago in the area that is now known as south central Mexico.

In the Nahuatl language, Toltec means “artist,” and according to their teachings, the canvas for their art is life, a way of life in which their great masterpiece is living in happiness and love.

They considered themselves “artists of the spirit.”

The Toltecs created three masteries of the artist:

🤍 the mastery of awareness,

🤍 the mastery of transformation

🤍 the mastery of love, intent, or faith.

Some Group Guidelines:

This is a group coaching call, where we support, elevate and magnify our intentions together, and we have accountability.

 It always a confidential and supportive space  

We come together for a check in and report  

There is a clear focus and intention for each session  

There is group coaching power seat – where I will coach 2- 3 members during the session  

We complete with takeaways and next steps

Creative Consciousness with Toltec Wisdom - February – March – April 2024
Tuesdays bi-weekly, 7 - 9pm
🤍After our discoveries and insights from Roots and Wings we meet again to define a new roadmap, where we meet to go deeper into our findings through our soma and dance.

🤍 We have cleaned the lenses of our perception and now we look through new crystal lenses.  

🤍 We magnify what we want.

🤍 We raise our activating powers to create new pathways to embody our desires and visions.  

🤍 This course calls for you to embrace your highest self and reclaim your role as Creator. Rather than simply experiencing life, you take self-responsibility and embody the life you choose.  

🤍 The course is structured so that every session builds from the one before.  

WE BECOME A SEER – We gain a New Point of View

12 month VIP Programme
Bonus 1 - Opening to Breath Workshop and MP3
Bonus 2 -  Dissolving into Flow Half Day Live Workshop
Bonus 3 - Taoist Healing Sounds Journey Live Workshop
Bonus 4 - Secrets of Self- Care and Healing Live Workshop
Bonus 5 - Mapping our Vision Board through Dance Live Workshop

Roots and Wings Course Community
Facebook Group
28 x Dance MP3's  
14 x Meditation MP3's 

Monthly VIP Coaching Call 90 mins
Creative Consciousness with Toltec Wisdom 3 month course
 Wild Warrior Wisdom Heart VIP Handbook
2 x 1-2-1 coaching calls
VIP Community

This Program is currently closed for enrolment