The Niio Dance Roadmap
A Journey of Connection, Totality and Flow

'Thank you for a really stimulating class for both body and mind. I feel more connected to my core and feel better within myself physically and emotionally, and my acid reflux indigestion is not there...its subsided. Amazing!'


On Being Total

The journey of niio dance - of new integrated and inspired openings - begins with our inner connection.

When we are aligned in our mind, body and soul, we are a clear channel and our energy can flow.

We come from a place of pure presence, without questioning or fear.

We can simply ‘be’ and from this grounded and authentic place we are empowered to connect out into the world, to give and to receive.

When we have inner and outer connection we are grounded, present, total. 

The spiritual teacher Osho describes totality as a place of pure presence, where you are serene, tranquil and collected, and:
'in the right moment, in the right season, the spring comes and the flowers start blossoming'.

In this place of totality and through the dance we can enter into flowstate where we are fully present and time 'stands still.' It is an optimal state of consciousness, defined by positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in his seminal work
‘Flow, The Psychology of Happiness’ 1990.

The concept of flowstate is also likened to hightened states of consciousness and ancient concepts of flow such as in the Tao.

'Thank you for providing safe and warm space for exploring different ways of moving our bodies. I feel more free and confident in free flow dancing, it's a great way to feel more present.'


Niio Dance is a synthesis of :


This ancient philosophy and system for holistic wellbeing has now seeped into the mainstream. I was fortunate to 'discover' yoga and meditation in India in 1995, which are part of the ancient texts of tantra, and they have been my constant companions with dance every since. 


Niio Dance is an expression of my own life journey - beginning with Ballet, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Yoga, Meditation, Dance Movement Therapy, Somatic Movement Education and extended Conscious, Ecstatic and Shamanic dance journey spanning five decades, a distillation of what has truely resonated. 


There is a force and power in nature that humans can never match, and indigenous cultures are in tune with its rhythms and cycles of life. We have the elements of nature within us, and it can inform, inspire and heal. Interestingly the Inca word for the 'body' is 'animated' or 'luminous' earth...


Science is still discovering how our mind and body are interconnected. Our perception, understanding and even goal planning are linked to the motor cortex of our brain. Through embodiment practices we can become more aware, have better communications, be more creative and enhance our overall well-being. 

Somatic Practices : Body Mind Centering

We journey deep into our bones, fluids and tissues, which have energetic as well as structural qualities. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen who created BMC, gives us the alternative holistic anatomical map of the body that Medical school overlooked. 

Life Art Therapy

The late Anna Halprin, a pioneer in the somatic and therapeutic dance world and one of my teachers, discovered how dance is connected to our emotional world and has the power to heal. Together with daughter Daria, these pioneers co-founded the Tamalpa Institute for movement, dance and expressive arts.


I have been touched by the sacred on many occasions and particularly influenced by the three 'T's of Taoism, Toltec Wisdom and Tantra. 

The Tao

is the ancient Chinese ‘Way’ which celebrates acceptance, change, creativity and the natural order and 'flow of the universe.'

Toltec Wisdom

is from Mexico and 'Toltec' means artist. They saw their life as the canvas for their art, with their great masterpiece being to live in happiness and love.

Ancient Tantra

Tantra is the connective ocean of love, a part of ancient yoga. It gives you the permission to be true to your authentic self and to live your yes.

The Seven Sacred Pillars of Connection

The Niio Dance sacred pillars are distilled from my decades of personal exploration and experience, the tangible support and points of reference that have returned to me again and again.  

They are a grounded, visceral and direct expression of ancient and modern models of our wellbeing :  
the Chakra energetic system in Yogic philosophy
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for self-actualisation in Psychology
 the Seven aspects of the Life Wheel in modern Psychology.

Finding our Roots of Support

Everything starts from the ground. Grounding is our earth element and our base chakra for survival.  If we are not connected to the earth, we are 'disconnected', literally unplugged from our source, and we can feel dizzy and 'spaced out'. We are electrical beings and by connecting into the magnetic frequency of the earth, it holds and supports us. We also find our inner anchor and stability within our bodies. With this foundation in place we can then grow and expand.

Awaken to Life Force

Our breath, vital to life, is an immediate barometer of our emotional health. If we are anxious or stressed it is immediately compromised. Our breath can relax, energise, awaken and empower. It is the most powerful tool we have for transformation as it accesses our subconscious and is our gateway to freedom.

Our Potential for Transformation

Our bodies are an incredible living, liquid matrix of bones, tissues, tendons and fluids, that create a harmonious orchestra. With intention and focus we can let go of tension, stress and anxiety, raise our frequency and open to transformation. 

Enter Creative Flow

This is the element of water, our sacral chakra. When we drop into the dance we enter into a state of flow where the boundaries of who we are merge and blur. Our brain waves drop from the everyday busyness of ‘beta’ to the alpha/beta border, optimal for visualisation and creativity. With flow we can release the constraints of our ordered lives, navigate around obstacles, change direction, meander and find a way through.
A concept of the Tao.

Find Your Fire

This is our core, our gut, our hara and third chakra, manipura. It is our will, our sense of self and self-esteem. When we are in our power we feel vital and alive, we can express ourselves and we get things done. When we connect to the forces of our passion, we can move mountains and change the world!

Listen to Your Heart

The signals of our heart are sixty times stronger than of our brain. When we stop to listen to our hearts, and practice compassion we access deeper realms of feeling and healing, where we gain deeper insights and depth. Our relationship to ourselves and to others transforms.
We invite in lightness and joy.

Being Total

Our first connection is with ourselves, our inner connection. Through this we develop awareness and recognise our strengths, qualities and gifts, to then give from an empowered place to the world. When we are aligned and integrated, we can give and receive in a beautiful connection of synergy to the threads of our existence and the bigger picture.

The Journey of Flow

When you stand in your Truth, you go directly into your heart to experience your authentic self,
before learning to speak and the distortion of words.

In this truth and authenticity, there is the innocence of childhood where you are free, to simply be you, the real you.

When you do not have to pretend to be anything, you have freedom to live your life how you choose. This freedom is your Power.

With this power of self-respect, self-belief and self-love, amplified through the joy of movement and dance, you can enter into Flow.

'Helene we had such a good dance off last night in your honour – was epic!!'


Ps...a sacred 'aside'..

We have fun!

Smiling and laughter are encouraged and one of the important elements of niio dance!

Laughter releases stress and tension, boosts our immune system, diminishes pain, produces endorphins and generally lifts our mood. A win-win.

nb. niio dance is not a 'therapy'. Although it may have potentially therapeutic benefits, if you are particularly struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, and mental health concerns, then it may be advisable to seek appropriate professional help.
NB see disclaimer