Is Niio for me?

Niio Dance is for anyone who wants to turnaround their health and

design an inspired life through the joy of dance. 


Aside from physical benefits such as relieving pain, strengthening the immune system, promoting cell renewal, anti aging and improving mental health, it may transform you on a more radical level.


Niio Dance will give you the tools to support and access your internal GPS.

' It is something which I’m doing for exercise, it's good for my body, my mood and self  expression and I feel like there is someone to support me navigating through life'

                           Mazal, Gloucestershire

you may benefit if:

  • you want to find a fun way to improve your mental health and mental health awareness

  • you suffer from stress or anxiety and struggle with the idea of sitting meditation or mindfulness


  • you used to enjoy dancing when you were younger, and would like to rediscover it

  • you lack confidence to dance but you love music and would love to be able to express yourself more

  • you want to feel more connected, have a better relationship to yourself and your body, be more in tune with yourself and your surroundings

  • you want to enjoy more authentic, healthy relationships

  • you want to develop more confidence and resilience

  • you want to find your creativity


  • you love to just dance and would like to go deeper into your dance exploration and understand more about your body mind connection


'It was great to attend your session Helene, It was a new and enriching experience and opened my eyes to the way dance can be used to heal emotional wounds!'

Guillaume, Manchester

the power of Presence

‘I feel more free and confident

It's a great way to feel more present’


Ivan, Gloucestershire

When we are dancing and in our ‘flow’, it gives us the power of presence, where we can release the source of our fears, worries and anxiety. 


Our brain waves slow down from beta to alpha state, which means our busy, thinking ‘monkey’ mind slows down to become more lucid and reflective.


Recent research has highlighted how alpha brain wave activity can reduce depression and increase creativeness [1] as we feel more calm, peaceful and grounded.

Instead of being locked in thoughts of the past and future, we are fully in the moment, with our senses heightened to the beauty and vividness of our surroundings; we feel vital and alive, fully ‘plugged’ into the universal life force, in what could be considered a ‘whole body mindfulness’.


1     eg 2015 study, “Functional Role of Frontal Alpha Oscillations in Creativity,”  Cortex,  University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Medicine,

2   Niio Dance is not a substitute for professional help. For more details click here

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