Online Fundamentals launching February 12th 2021

In the meantime, come join me in WEEKLY ZOOM CLASSES:
COMING HOME - Wednesdays 7-8.30 pm GMT
Unwind from your day with a class to explore your movement potential, awaken and re-energise. Using yogic breathwork, and body energetics from yoga, the Tao and somatic intelligence, you are guided to find the joy and freedom of creative and free dance. Mindful, inspired, upbeat and carthartic the emphasis is on finding your flow – oh and having some fun!
A meditative guided breath exploration through the Tao, yogic and somatic practices to lead into a gentle, dreamy dance. Contemplative, mindful and relaxing – a beautiful way to start your day – accompanied by melodic and soulful sounds.
No experience necessary, only the intention to drop out of your head and into your body, with open heart and mind.
WAKE UP WARRIOR - next one imminent - please contact me to be kept in the loop

'I can just feel myself lifting, like my mind lifting with the fluidity of my body which makes me realise how much I need to dance – just amazing – thank you so so much'

Dancing Nature - double happiness for body and soul

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