Dance of the Serpent : Flight of the Eagle

A day of elemental somatic dance for renewal and transformation

Saturday February 11th 10 - 5pm Lansdown Hall, Lansdown Stroud

Dance of the Serpent : Flight of the Eagle A day of elemental somatic dance for renewal and transformation Saturday February 11th 10 - 5pm Lansdown Hall, Lansdown Stroud

Come join us in this powerful day to shed some of the layers and lethargy we have been carrying, hiding behind even, as we slowly emerge from the slumber and depths of winter. We replenish our vital energy to excavate and transform our stories and renew as we blossom into sprin.

Using the power of our breath, somatic awareness and embodied elemental dance we will deep dive into the landscape of our multi-dimensional bodies, and dance with two of the most powerful animals in the ancient world, the serpent or snake that represents our vital life force, and the eagle who is the messenger of the mind.

The snake is a sensual creature connected to our earthly body and has been at times a controversial symbol of something fearful, yet she is also a rich ancient symbol of healing, fertility, and pure kundalini life force in many cultures all over the world. And she is often seen in the dance of the all powerful hindu goddess kali.

In native american animal medicine the eagle represents the connection to the divine, a chance to soar above the mundane in your life, and gain a higher perspective. Eagle represents air, the higher mind and illumination. It flies close to the heavens where the Great Spirit dwells, leading you to connection to your higher self.

This is a day to expand your reality.

We begin in the morning with a slow and gentle somatic warm up, where we get to meet ourselves with a beginners mind.

We stay grounded with the energy of mother earth to be held in a safe and supportive container as we gradually journey into the depths of who we are.

And as we dance into the lush energy of the serpent we have to look at ourselves and face our fears. We may play out some old stories and battle with some old demons that have long passed their sell-by date. For the Chinese the power of the snake is nothing short of awakening, initiation and total transformation. We renew from the inside out, as we redefine our sense of self.

And as we shed our outmoded layers, let us revitalise, replenish and restore as we call in the support of the almighty eagle, one of the strongest, most powerful and fearless creatures in the animal kingdom. The eagle can see up to 5 times better than us, with an incredible colour spectrum including the ability to see ultraviolet light. It sees a world rich and vivid way beyond our imaginations. Let us call in this vast vision and clarity of the almighty eagle, to inspire an expansiveness of heart and the opportunity

for new beginnings

to go far and beyond

to gain a higher perspective

to aspire to dream big and bold

And experience a deep deep connection, to being present, flush with a tingling aliveness and prepare our fertile ground from which to grow.

Together these 2 animals bring forth our acceptance and understanding of our interconnectedness to life and each other, to spirit and the divine.

Supported by a lush musical soundscape mixed by Josh Sterckx who will take us through a journey of electronic-acoustic music drawing influence from complex sounds, rhythms, traditional music from around the world and an emphasis on the cutting edge of global electronic dance music, sensitively curated to guide and hold your experience during the day.

Bring a yoga mat (if you have one), water, food for a shared lunch, comfy clothes and yourself with an open heart.

This is going to be your dance you have yet to discover.

Are you in..?

£60 full price

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