Imagine feeling limitless, where everything is in flow

Awaken your creative energy and power
and be an energetic match for the abundance you desire 

Welcome to the Niio Dance seven month online signature programme

Roots and Wings : A Calling of the Soul

Awaken your authentic self and anchor your dreams in reality

A hybrid programme with Videos, Live Classes, Q&A, Group Meet ups with Coaching Support, Module Handbooks, downloadable MP3's

Do you want to make a difference in the world?
To connect with beautiful souls and spread more peace and joy?

Roots and Wings is a deep, guided and uniquely bespoke experiential journey of self-discovery, to unearth who you are, your power and your gifts.

Reconnect to Self, Passion and Purpose with Joy, Freedom and Flow

Gift yourself this opportunity to resource and reset and gain a deeper, more grounded and magnetic presence through this conscious dance programme of embodied awareness


The cells in our bodies hold all our stories. When we truely open up to movement, these old stories and limiting beliefs will rise to the surface. By liberating your body, you release your blockages to liberate your mind.


When we attune into our body signals and learn to listen within, we gain guidance from our inner wisdom. As we drop into aligned connection, we become a clear channel for insight.


When we dance, our brain waves drop from busy beta to alpha state. At the threshold of alpha theta, we relax and become more receptive. Here we can enter into new states of meditation and creativity.


As we drop out of our busy mind chatter and journey deep within, we enter a more grounded presence. From here we gain an inner strength to discover a new confident voice, one that can express our boundaries with compassionate power.


If you hold space for others it is easy to carry a feeling of responsibility for everyone else’s wellbeing and neglect your own. Moving and dancing will give you precious time to yourself to clean out, release and have an energetic cleanse. 


Remember the optimism and innocence we had as children? Over time as we mature into adults we can develop an armouring that protects us but also becomes inpenetrable. Working with our body invites in a softer receptivity and new openness.

Launching Autumn 2023

Does this resonate?
You are an incredibly passionate and dedicated conscious connector who wants to feel fulfilled knowing that you are making a bigger difference in the world, and you know that you need to be aligned in mind, body and spirit to connect to your inner power and creative flow. Yet..

 Having the confidence to constantly self-promote is tiring and it is too easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself with others. Yet we all desire to be seen and heard
 You often feel stretched with juggling work, home and family

⚪ Perhaps you neglect your own self-care and self-nurture

All of this can make you feel disconnected and limited

When now more than ever, the world needs our passion and our skills.

This programme gives you the Roots to find your voice; clear, authentic, unapologetic.

A solid foundation within you. 
Does this sound like you?
You know you are destined for more...

 More abundance
 More satisfaction

⚪ More connection to this life

⚪ More juiciness in your daily existence

You desire to...

⚪ Embody all those ideas that you have

⚪ Get clarity and unleash your creative flow

You feel that there is more of you to be seen, that you have more gifts to realise, to share with the world. This programme gives you the Wings to actualise the dreams of your soul's calling. 
This programme is for you if :
⚪ You are often operating from a place of high mental activity, and you find seated meditation difficult

⚪ You want to invite more joy and lightness into your life.

⚪ You know of the mind and body connection and healing benefits of dance but have yet to truly experience it

⚪ You have studied a lot of structured dance but would like the opportunity to move more freely, without the constraints of stylised dance or technique - new ways in and new ways out - a new conscious way to move and express  

⚪ You already have a regular conscious dance practice such as ecstatic dance or 5 rhythms, but would like to explore your dance deeper and learn more about yourself on a somatic level

⚪ As well as dance, you are interested to learn yoga principles, ideas from Body Mind Centering, the creative aspects of Life Art Therapy and some energetic aspects from Kung Fu and awaken to a more embodied awareness.  

⚪ You are a man!!
Dance is not gender specific and from my experience you guys need extra guidance to help get into your bodies and connect with your emotions. Western society does not generally encourage men to be open with emotions, but being more embodied and in touch with your whole self, may mean that you can invite in better relating, not to mention improve your dance skills and confidence!

This programme is NOT for you if:
⚪ you want to learn specific dance steps

⚪ you want very guided structured movement  

⚪ you are not ready to give yourself the time to look deeper within, that precious 'me time' and take responsibility for your personal self-care  

⚪ You are not willing to stay open, flexible and curious, and be willing to embrace the unknown.

⚪ You are concerned that you are too old, fat, stiff, low in energy, too left footed or too busy! Age, gender and any other excuse speaks to your mental obstacles more than ability. This is a dance course with a difference, focussed on self-care for self-help, and the emphasis is on FUN. Yes we will go deep, get to know ourselves better and GROW, but I always like to see the humour in life!

 ⚪ You have severe trauma that may need special attention with a trauma specialist. Whilst I am trauma informed, I do not intentionally work with specific trauma cases. What I will say is that it is always my intention to hold safe and sacred space. Also if you do seek specialist help, then take your time to choose carefully.

 ⚪ You want a ‘quick fix’ or instant transformation – we can shift radically in minutes but it takes time to truly integrate new ways of being into our lives. This is not a conveyor belt course. Your self-actualisation is a progressive act of self-commitment and self-care, of being dedicated to you. Any less is doing you and the work a disservice.

This programme gives you the Roots to

⚪ Get a richer grounding for your work

⚪ Be more resourced and give more presence to your clients, colleagues, family, community and into the world 

⚪ Trust in yourself and the support of the universe

⚪ Put yourself out there more powerfully, with more confidence and clarity

⚪ Embody both your feminine essence and masculine strength

⚪ Be more expressive and unapologetically you

and gives you the Wings to

⚪ Uncover new reserves of creativity and inspiration
⚪ Discover your dance -  in the literal and truest metaphorical sense

⚪ Give yourself permission to be joyful and playful

⚪ Honour your spirit

⚪ Birth your dreams and gifts into the world

In this program you receive a complete holistic toolbox for support.
I created the transformational Niio roadmap of seven sacred pillars, to guide you from the ground up (literally). Each module has been curated from my lifetime of conscious movement practices, somatics, martial arts, yoga, energetic practices and bodywork, to form a unique and comprehensive system.

This program is a mind, body, heart and soul offering for you to connect to your authentic truth. 

Journey through the Seven Sacred Pillars of Connection

Awaken to Presence

Just like a tree with its deep roots into the earth, we have inner roots, a foundation and stability within.
When we drop out of our busy minds, deep into the solidity of our bodies, and the connecting frequency of the earth, we are fully present. From here healing and transformation can begin.

Embodied Wisdom

Imagine breathing new life into every layer of your being, tapping into its wealth of wisdom. Our breath illuminates intricate pathways within our bodies, each one giving insight into our emotional world. On this inner journey of exploration and self-discovery we uncover new insights and depths of awareness.

Express Authenticity

Unprogram your mind. Before speech you have experience in the body, and in ‘experiencing’ through your visceral being you discover a deeper knowing. We are a living, breathing, moving being and when we fully embody our physical structure, we experience a true authentic presence.

Release and Renewal

Imagine standing at the edge of a calm still lake. As you touch the water its circles ripple outwards from your hand, symbolizing the release of difficult emotions. As you connect into your fluid nature, you release the thoughts and emotions which no longer serve you, create space for renewal and invite in wonder. 

Align to Spirit

Discover the inner fire that fuels your passion and sense of purpose. You connect to the core of who you are, in your unapologetic truth, to be brave, wild, raw, sensual, vulnerable. To wake up your inner warrior and warrioress.
As the great sage Confuscious said:
‘he who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior’.

Heart-centred connection

Just like Indra’s web of connectivity in the Indian Vedas, we are all jewels in the matrix of life.  Connecting through our hearts into the world, we illuminate ourselves and our relationships, to promote our sense of belonging and enhance our emotional well-being

Soulful Integration

Through somatic awareness you reconnect and align to all the layers of you. In this final module you become fully present, the energy of the breath of life. When you are embodied and connected within, you come from a deep place of confidence and truth. You cultivate an open receptivity where you can access insight, inspiration, joy and bliss.

Launching Autumn 2023

Dancing is one of the most powerful ways to experience embodiment
to be fully present and connected
aligned in body, mind, heart, spirit, soul.

  This aligned integration gives our thought and action purpose and clarity.  

We connect to the bigger picture and to our place in the universe.  


'What a great gift to the world'

'Allowed me to connect deeply with myself'

'It has enriched my life and myself professionally'

'I received so much healing'

'It has transformed my life on a daily basis'

'I feel I can see a way through the jungle'


When we open up our bodies to movement, the memories and feelings that have been held within are able to release and rise to the surface. With mindfulness and in seated meditation we enter into our internal world. When we  move and dance we have the extra dimension of outer expression for release and transformation. 


Dance and other expressive arts give us the opportunity to express in a way that words and language do not. We may discover hidden sources of strength, resilience, wisdom and creativity that we had not accessed before. And at the same time this may reveal a new voice we have, that needs to be heard and come out to play!


Through the Niio lens we look at different aspects of ourselves. We use different somatic, yogic and breathwork exercises as well as free dance for practical physical support, and we can follow up with words or other art forms. We find new ways to relate to the layers of our soma, and new tools for mental, emotional and even spiritual guidance


We meet twice a month to come together in community, to move and dance together. We also do a check-in, share any insights from the session, or from our progress in the modules and any artforms and writing pieces we have created in between the sessions. We move for an hour and the remaining 30 mins is a group coaching call.

Helene Su

ecstatic dance outdoors

Hi! I am Helene, creator of Niio Dance for new integrated and inspired openings.

As a transformational dance facilitator it is my mission to help tens of thousands of conscious connectors, creatives and healers awaken to their purpose and know who they are truly meant to be; to align to spirit to access their creative flow, sell out their retreats, and for it to all feel expansive, destined and magical.  

It upsets me to see so many visionary changemakers feeling disconnected, limited and questioning their self-worth. Learn how to use your breath, somatic intelligence and the joy of dance to feel your own energy again and be in flow.

Reclaim your grounded presence and find your authentic voice, to connect deeply with other conscious souls and call in your abundance!

Dance has been my best friend and medicine for my mind, body and soul over five decades!

It has helped me to gain clarity, resilience and confidence and this is why I have created this practice.

I have a duty to share this knowledge that we already have, to empower you to your greatest potential, to feel fulfilled, knowing that you are making a difference in the world. I so look forward to being on this journey with you, and helping you to open new doorways! 

Each module is one pillar and contains:

Each month you receive an illustrated handbook, with an overview of the module content in bite sized, easy to digest nuggets of information. There are also questions for reflective 'me' time and to give further insights.

2 x THEME VIDEOS A and B - 2-3 mins each
A gives an intro, B goes deeper
These give an overview, some scientific facts, info from ancient knowledge, ideas on how they they relate to us.  

2 x WARM UP VIDEOS A and B - 10-15 mins
These warm-ups are a variety of yogic, somatic, and moving dance meditation warm-ups that can be done both as a warm up or stand-alone for a quick movement session.

2 x 90 minute LIVE ZOOM CLASS
This is where we get to meet and dance together
We meet 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. 
6.30 - 8pm pm GMT.

Recordings are sent out afterwards 

4 x  DANCE JOURNEY VIDEOS - 20-35 mins 
Powerfully shift your energy and mindset in these bite-sized dance journeys, that fit into your busy schedule! With a huge variety of tempo and mood, you can experience deep shifts in energy levels and focus in just 20 -25 minutes.  Over the weeks you will gradually build a huge library of MP3's - guided dances that you can return to again and again, when you need a lift or support, and to access a new state of being. Your unique personal box of tools that are fun and empowering!

With every module you receive 4 guided dance journeys that range from 20 - 35 mins long each, with their accompanying MP3 download. You get to keep these MP3's FOREVER
A total of 28 Dance Journeys in total!

2 x GUIDED MEDITATION VIDEOS A and B of 10 - 15 mins
These meditations are uniquely created from and inspired by my yogic, shamanic and somatic influences and study, all accompanied with beautiful music

You get to keep these MP3's FOREVER - 
You get 2 meditations per module. 
A total of 14 meditations in total!

Study on the go, and keep in regular contact with myself and others on the course. 

There is a dedicated community that is private within the course itself,  and also a regular facebook group. 


At the beginning of the course you set an intention. Then during the live meet ups you have time to reflect on your intention within the context of that module. We meet for two sessions a month for each module.  

These meet ups are in part:
- Movement and Dance
- Accountability and Group Coaching/Mentoring
- Q& A time

- 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, 6.30-8pm GMT

We also stay connected through the private FB group, where you can make requests (eg for class content such as a session with more restorative yoga, or to work on a specific area) and ask any questions that may have come up for you in advance of each session, as well as use it as a supportive space for each other, to announce any personal insights, wins or breakthroughs!

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to this programme, which means that after completing it, you have time to visit and revisit again the modules, sections, dances and meditations, especially the ones that have really resonated, or that you have particularly enjoyed.

In doing so, you have the opportunity to drop deeper each time, and receive new messages, insights and realisations. This program is a continual journey of exploration and adventure.


You receive downloadable MP3's of the Dance Journeys and Meditations. Some of the exclusive niio dance mixes are incredibly evocative and give you the opportunity to really drop into what you are doing. The music for niio dance is carefully curated from some of the finest musicians and producers, and the range is eclectic, worldly, soulful, tribal and many layers in between!

Along with my guided voiceovers, these selections are all professionally mixed and mastered to give you a flawless audio experience. Having the downloads means you can be offline and take them outdoors into nature to move. You will own a whole new incredible library of guided dance journeys to beautiful music, a priceless resource that you can return to in years to come, and with each time a new layer will be unravelled and new insights will emerge.

Your unique personal toolbox.

PLUS 5 Amazing Bonuses!
(Worth $$$$ but potential change can be priceless)


Experience Deep Relaxation, be Energised and Inspired - a Journey to Self through Breath

This mini workshop is a slow and gentle movement meditation that can take you to some deep places of reflection and peace, gradually expanding your body and your mind.

'When i started practicing Helene's video "Opening to Breath through Dance", I experienced right away such a deep, deep relaxation, emotionally, mentally and physically. My body was now filled with breath and with that  I felt energized. The music and Heléne's voice reminds me to be conscious of my breath and movement and that alone, transforms my whole day into a "dancing day".  If I could give a title to Heléne's dance work, I would call it " Dance Steps to Transformation".'

I originally created this for the Global Breathwork Leader's Digital Library, part of the International Center for Breathwork membership programme.


Come with your challenge, your blindspot, your shadow, and let us cast it into the ocean and watch it dissolve…this is an extended guided deep moving meditation where we dance into our flow. We meet, we affirm, we move and look from all different perspectives as we shift, transform and emerge feeling lighter and clearer.  A replay is made available after the class.


I was first introduced to these at a healing and meditation course at the Asho spiritual healing institute in the Himalayas nearly twenty years ago, and loved them. Then during my MA I rediscovered the power of sounding and using our voices. This is the deepest sound healing because the vibration comes from within. A replay is made available after the class.


This is a session combining different ways for us to take care of ourselves and give nurturing ‘me’ time. We will learn self- massage and pressure point techniques, calming yin yoga postures and finish with a yoga nidra. A replay is made available after the class.


This is a unique guided journey using Life Art Therapy and through our visioning body as we dance through and look at different aspects of our lives. Through our bodies and our dance we define our goals, and chart a pathway to our destination. Bring your notebooks and your art materials. A replay is made available after the class.

Roots and Wings takes you through Seven Sacred pillars for Connection and Transformation

  Reconnect to your Truth

Challenge your Self- Limiting Beliefs and Honour your Spirit

Connect to the Bigger Picture  

Allow your Vision to Flourish and Shine

And Dream your World into Being 

Launching Autumn 2023

Take a closer look inside each module with these video previews: 

Awaken to Presence

Embodied Wisdom

Express Authenticity

Release and Renewal

Align to Spirit

Heart-centred Connection

Soulful Integration

This Programme will give you the Roots for Support

And the Insight and Inspiration to take off and Fly…..

  In fact this Programme can potentially create such Seismic Shifts  and Transformations in your Life

That you can no longer continue in the same way

Doing the same thing

Any more.  

Artwork from a previous participant


Beautiful Dance Course

Helene is really amazing and she know how to help us access exactly what we need to do in order to grow our ''roots and wings''.

The outdoor settings were inspirational and a real tonic during this strange time of Covid. The course has made me feel more flexible and given me hope!
Rated 5 out of 5

Music Lecturer

Oh my goodness,loving your course!

Love love love the music... the African dance in the first was wonderful,,, felt the spirits near..  

Circus Performer

I loved your course.

It helped me to get through those tough days when I struggled to get on with anything!


If you enjoy movement, dance and music and would like to experience a deeper insight into your body mind, then curiosity and interest are the most important prerequisites. I might give you ideas, themes and visualisations, but there are no specific techniques.

Any previous dance training may influence your movement repertoire, but you may feel encouraged to, and in fact feel the ‘permission’ to explore movement in other ways. This could be very liberating.

With regards to personal ability and mobility, all movement however big, small, abstract or ‘understated’ is a dance, and dance does not demand to be of a certain size, or physical ability. You come as you are, and that is enough. 

Whilst experiencing freedom in movement, we also have to be mindful of our surroundings and it is possible to move and dance in a very limited space . We can move and travel in many directions, not only across the floor! The actual videos take only a few hours a month, less than four in total - but each one has a lot of rich content, and you will want to revisit them, because each time you will receive new insights.  Then there are things to reflect on in the workbook, questions that prompt, and you may wish to spend some time journaling or with other art forms.  

Week 1 and 3 of each module have more videos. Weeks 2 and 4 have just a new dance journey. These weeks give you the space to absorb, catch up and reflect on the previous week. If you can also find other times in your week to put on music of your own choosing, and just dance freely without any other guidance or prompts, and also find time to simply sit and be in stillness or meditation, you will enter a reflective state to learn more about you.

And of course we meet live for 2 x 90 min classes a month. Replays will be sent out afterwards if you can't make it live, but it can be a real time of connection as well as accountability. 

Everything is always optional.

When we meet on zoom we can dance together and feel the support of a group on the same, albeit individual journeys, and also to meet with me for any questions you may have. There is never any pressure or expectation, you come as you are, and participate as much or as little as you like.

Whilst dance can be therapeutic, this course is not deemed ‘therapy’. Working with a Dance Movement Therapist is often one-on-one, looking at specific issues over a certain period time. You may have certain aspects in your life that you would like to give the time and space to reflect upon, and this course will give you that opportunity.

On the one hand each module has a distinct theme and flavour with some of the more guided aspects eg in the warm up or meditations giving you new postures and techniques. On the other, the emphasis is on empowering You to cultivate deep self-awareness, and make your own self discoveries.

Dedicated holistic ‘me’ time.

Also although we may uncover hidden memories or gain new insights into our ourselves from personal experiences and history, this is not a course to try and dig deep to unravel our past. This is a course to bring you into the Present, in the most enlivening and uplifting way possible, through our Soma - our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves - to empower us, to feel vital and alive, and to feel that Anything is possible, all through the joy and freedom of dance!

All the above are potential gains, dependant upon time and commitment invested, prior health conditions and personal constitution. Our dance is a metaphor for our lives, and how many patterns, cycles and unpredictable events may there be. Some of the modules may feel more difficult than others to work through in their themes and concepts, and it may be interesting to reflect a little further on why that might be for you. This is why it is good to repeat and revisit different videos, as you will always have a slightly different experience with every time, because we are also never exactly the same again in any moment, and this is why there is space within each module, to give you the chance to do just that, and really allow any deeper insights to arise. You may be challenged to think in new ways about yourself, where you are at, your life in general. Anything is possible!
Treat this, as with all the niio offerings as opportunities for little journeys into yourself. However I also mean that in a light and explorative way, we get far too serious in life as we become adults, and this course may give new insights and revelations that confirm just that! Also whilst dance is potentially healing, niio dance cannot be held responsible for any outcomes. For more info please see disclaimer.

Are you ready to fully Show Up

To Embody your Authentic Truth

Connect to your Higher Self

And to Manifest your Dreams ?

COMPLETE Signature Program:
14 x Module Intro Videos
14 x Warm Up Videos
28 x Dance Journey Videos
14 x Meditation Videos
Module Handbook
Bi-weekly Zoom Class/Coaching Calls
Course Community
Facebook Group

28 x Dance MP3's  
14 x Meditation MP3's


Bonus 1 - Opening to Breath Workshop and MP3
Bonus 2 -  Dissolving into Flow Half Day Live Workshop
Bonus 3 - Taoist Healing Sounds Journey Live Workshop
Bonus 4 - Secrets of Self- Care and Healing Live Workshop
Bonus 5 - Mapping our Vision Board through Dance Live Workshop



Would you like a FULL Embodied 12 month Experience for Transformation, with accountability and more personalised attention?

Full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

I truely hope that you will love this course.
If after 7 days you do not wish to continue the course, then you can write and request for a full money back refund. I only ask that you give me some feedback for me to be continually in service! The downloads are available in the second week.