Roots and Wings : A Calling of the Soul

Self Care Alchemy for Mind Body and Soul


with Videos, Live Zoom Class, Q&A, Group Support, Reflective Exercises

Pauline Crozier

Aerial Yoga Teacher
/Studio Owner

"Niio Dance was a very transformative practice for me. Listening to Helene’s words of inspiration and guidance,
I was able to hear the invitation to listen to the wisdom of my own body. And I really loved the music Helene used, it carries you, takes you into yourself. During the course I feel I've released my body of so much built up stress and emotion. My space at home felt part of Helene's space it didn't feel uncomfortable dancing on my own, even at times when I could feel resilience arise in my body, like I wanted to stop dancing, I would hear Helene’s voice encouraging me, talking to me and I managed to work through it.  Helene has so much to share and is such a generous and empowering teacher. Her instruction is so natural you can feel it comes from the heart. It was my favourite tool for staying well in lockdown. I really embraced the opportunity to tune into my body, getting out of my head and feeling confident with such an embodied dance movement .. Niio Dance ... Shake out your stress and dance your way to freedom"

This course is a guided deep experiential journey of self-discovery, 
to unearth your truth, your power, your joy and your gifts

Join me if you would like to:


The cells in our bodies hold all our stories. When we open up to movement, these can rise to the surface. By allowing this freedom of expression you release your blockages to transform. We can also express through art or journalling for further insight.


When we journey deep within, we release our mind chatter, and get a new sense of deepening and stillness in our bodies. We experience new calm, a more grounded presence. We may even find a new voice of power we have kept hidden! 


We have our own internal GPS. When we listen to this inner wisdom in our bodies, our intuition and body signals, we can access our strengths and skills and own them, giving us guidance and direction and a new found confidence within our selves.  


When we dance, our brain waves drop from busy beta state to alpha, where we become meditative in flow state.  If we drop deeper to the threshold of alpha theta, we can access new states of creativity. We feel more positive, relaxed and our neural networks are enhanced with new growth. 

See previews from the 7  modules below, that build the Niio Maps:

1 - Finding Your Roots :

If we are not connected to the earth, we are 'disconnected', unplugged from source. We can feel 'spaced out' and ungrounded. The earth has a magnetic frequency the same as ours when we are calm. Through grounding we can find our roots.

2 - Open to Life Source : BREATH

Our breath is our direct connection to ourselves. It has the unique ability to be part of our autonomic nervous system yet still be intentionally directed. It connects us to our inner subconscious realms, which is why it can be so powerful.

3 -  Metamorphosis :

Shapeshifting is the ability to change physical form at will or through magical means. Through dance, we can activate and change the nature, form and substance of our cells, to transform and transcend!

4 - The Magic of Flowstate : FLUIDITY

When we can move into flowstate, the boundary of who we are merges with our environment as time stands still, and our brain waves drop from the busyness of ‘beta’ to the alpha/beta border, that is optimal for visualisation and creativity.

5 - Find Your Fire :

Our power lies in our core, in our third chakra centre; that represents our will and sense of self-worth. When we connect to our passion and fire, we can move mountains and change the world!

6 - Your Healing Heart :

When we stop to listen to our hearts, we can access deeper realms of feeling and understanding. By cultivating compassion, our heart can open and radiate into our whole being, to bring lightness and joy.

7 - We are One :

We do not live in isolation, and the first relationship we have is with ourselves. In doing so we are then able to receive and give support to others and connect to the bigger picture of existence.

Dr Jeff Watkins

Tivoli Healthcare

"Thank you for such an excellent course.
The presentation was highly professional, filming was impressive
and it's clearly been really well planned and thought through.

Your on-line dance classes are really, really good. I particularly like the bits in the open air !!"

What you will Receive each Module :


2 x GUIDED WARM UP VIDEOS of 10-15 mins
These warm-ups are a variety of yogic, somatic, and moving dance meditation warm-ups that can be done alone for a quick movement session

These are designed to give all the sessions extra depth, extra reflective me time and further insights into the module

60 mins
This is where we get to meet and dance together

12 - 1 pm GMT
7-8 pm GMT
Recordings are sent out afterwards.

  Bite-sized dance journeys to fit into your busy schedule! Experience deep shifts in energy levels and focus in just 20 -25 minutes, where you can powerfully boost your mindset and emotional health to access a new state of being. 

4 x GUIDED DANCE VIDEOS of 20-35 mins 
Powerfully shift your energy and mindset in these bite-sized dance journeys, that are shift in tempo and mood

2 x GUIDED MEDITATION VIDEOS of 10 - 15 mins
These meditations are curated from yogic, shamanic and somatic influences, all accompanied with beautiful music

Study on the go, and keep in regular contact with myself and others on the course.

There is a dedicated community that is private within the course itself,  and also a regular facebook group.

You get to keep these MP3's FOREVER - A total of 28 Dance Journeys in total!

You get to keep these MP3's FOREVER - A total of 14 meditations in total!

Course access is for 12 months from course enrollment.  It is for accountability so that you don't just turn up for the live classes - something that you would normally pay a lot more for with personal coaching!

The timeframe is to make you commit to doing the work, to commit to yourself to grow, evolve and transform. Even if you consider yourself a relative newbie in the mind body spirit arena, you have time over these months to integrate and embody the information.  And I will be able to monitor your progress through the reflective exercises that you submit each week.  

Also, much as the dance videos are inspiring to see because they are all filmed in beautiful outdoor locations, they are simply that - to inspire. The idea is that you drop into your own dance process and journey, rather than mirror me.

You are also welcome to bring any art, writings, musings to share with the group at the end of the bi-weekly live class, but this is entirely optional.


You receive downloadable MP3's of the Dance Journeys and Meditations. Some of the exclusive Niio Dance mixes are incredibly evocative and give you the opportunity to really drop into what you are doing. The music for Niio Dance is carefully curated from some of the finest musicians and producers, and the range is eclectic, worldly, soulful, tribal and many layers in between!

Along with my guided voiceovers, these selections are all professionally mixed and mastered to give you a flawless audio experience. Having the downloads means you can be offline and take them outdoors into nature to move. You will own a whole new incredible library of guided dance journeys to beautiful music, a priceless resource that you can return to in years to come, and with each time a new layer will be unravelled and new insights will emerge.

Your unique personal toolbox.

Bonus Materials

Receive free access to one monthly specially themed
Niio Dance workshop.

Creative Dance Course Bonus - over 200 mins

Five fun dance lessons of 40 mins each, with mesmerising sound tracks from top artists that will get you grooving and moving! Learn new and fun ways to explore your movement and dance. Guaranteed to shift your energy and make you smile. A complete course in itself! SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Helene Su

ecstatic dance outdoors

Being a BBC or British Born Chinese my start in life was not plain sailing. I found it hard to ‘fit in and grew up a quite shy, serious student.
 However at a young age I discovered the freedom and joy dance, and I fell in love.  

Dance has picked me up and lifted me time and time again. It has been my best friend and medicine for my mind, body and soul.  It has helped me to gain clarity, resilience and confidence and this is why I have created Niio Dance.  

I want you to reconnect with your 'joie de vivre' and find personal tools for your vibrant health and wellbeing, all through this amazing portal we have called our body. And in this online format, you have a personal DIY and yet 'done with you' program where I am there guiding you through the whole process.  You can find your flow all in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or outdoors whereever you feel inspired, with the MP3 downloads.  

I originally began with ballet but have studied martial arts, yoga, dance movement therapy, somatic movement education and meditation in the UK, India, Thailand and Japan. I have also explored a whole range of dance, including contemporary, conscious, contact and trance dance and have presented talks and workshops in the UK and Europe.  

I am so excited for you to discover the joy and freedom that is possible through your own body, movement and dance, and I look forward to meeting you on this journey!

Tim Hall

Drummer and Drum Teacher

"Your teachings and courses offer a safe, creative and fun way to explore and expand the therapeutic benefits of dance into your life. It's a dynamic and energising approach to further your understanding of the body/mind connection with real practical benefits that can be applied to the other aspects of your life. As well as helping you to feel more confident and free with your dancing in a way that is uniquely yours - without rules, boundaries or rigid patterns to follow!"

This program is for you if :
 • You want to invite more joy and lightness into your life.
 • You are interested to learn yoga principles, ideas from Body Mind Centering, the creative aspects of Life Art Therapy and some energetic aspects from Kung Fu.  
• You love dance and would like to find your own style and voice within it.

•  You know that the mind and body are connected and you would like to experience that more for yourself. Perhaps you already have a regular conscious dance practice and want to explore your dance deeper and learn more about yourself on a somatic level.

•  You may already practice in the healing arts and/or be a therapist, and you would like to incorporate movement more in your work

•  You are a man!! Dance is not gender specific and from my experience you guys need extra guidance to help get into your bodies and connect with your emotions. Western society does not generally encourage men to be too open with emotions, but being more embodied and in touch with your whole self, may mean that you can invite in better communication, not to mention improve your dance skills and confidence!

This course is NOT for you if:
 • You are not willing to stay open, flexible and curious, and be willing to embrace the unknown.

 • You are convinced that you are too old, fat, stiff, low in energy, too left footed or too busy! Age, gender and any other excuse speaks to your mental obstacles more than ability. This is a dance course with a difference, focussed on self-care for self-help, and the emphasis is on FUN. Yes we will go deep, get to know ourselves better and GROW, but I always like to see the humour in life!

 • You have severe trauma that may need special attention with a trauma specialist. Whilst I am trauma informed, I am not specialist trained in trauma, and do not intentionally work with specific trauma cases.

Mazal Goulding


"What is different on Helene's course is that she facilitates a journey where I can process emotions in my movement.

In Grounding Module Part 1 Dance, Helene starts with the idea of Genesis and our evolutionary beginnings. She combines descriptions of physiology and natural history with movement, simulating ourselves with the flow of nature. The visual landscape, music and the poetry of her narration are so vivid, and changes as we explore our feelings. I cannot wait to start week 2!"  

Artwork from Previous Student



"On Compassion: Was giggling to myself once I'd finished this module, giggling at the fact we sometimes are too harsh with ourselves and was reminded to be playful and compassionate first on foremost to onself  

On Fluidity: I loved this module, it really resonated with me and brought calmness and safety to being, it is just right for where i am at right now."
Rated 5 out of 5 

Beautiful Dance Course

Helene is really amazing and she know how to help us access exactly what we need to do in order to grow our ''roots and wings''.

The outdoor settings were inspirational and a real tonic during this strange time of Covid. The course has made me feel more flexible and given me hope!
Rated 5 out of 5

Music Lecturer

I loved your course.

It helped me to get through those tough days when I struggled to get on with anything!


Great course, really enjoying it.
Love your instruction and the lovely backdrops, and the meditations are really beautiful.

Also its really helping with my lower back, which has been giving me a lot of pain but is getting better and better.

And my husband has noticed I'm being a lot more expressive in my dancing!

Wellness Expert

Oh my goodness,loving your course!

Love love love the music... the African dance in the first was wonderful,,, felt the spirits near..  

Circus Performer

If you enjoy movement, dance and music and would like to experience a deeper insight into your body mind, then curiosity and interest are the most important prerequisites. I might give you ideas, themes and visualisations, but there are no specific techniques.

Any previous dance training may influence your movement repertoire, but you may feel encouraged to, and in fact feel the ‘permission’ to explore movement in other ways. This could be very liberating.

With regards to personal ability and mobility, all movement however big, small, abstract or ‘understated’ is a dance, and dance does not demand to be of a certain size, or physical ability.

Whilst experiencing freedom in movement, we also have to be mindful of our surroundings and it is possible to move and dance in a very limited space . We can move and travel in many directions, not only across the floor! The videos will take up approximately 1 hour per week, though the reflection questions may be something you take more time to ponder and absorb.  If you have time, you may enjoy to do the videos again, to have a new and deeper experience.

I also encourage you to find another 30 mins in your week to put on music of your own choosing, and just dance freely without any other guidance or prompts, after you have watched the dance video for the week - more insights and reflections may come from this.

The additional follow on art work is entirely optional and all depends on you, but it could be as simple as a short 15 min session of writing/sketching after any particular movement session.

We then meet bi-weekly for a group zoom which will take 1 hour. Recordings will be available afterwards if you can't make it then.

Everything is always optional.

When we meet on zoom we can dance together and feel the support of a group on the same, albeit individual journeys, and also to meet with me for any questions you may have. There is never any pressure or expectation, you come as you are, and participate as much or as little as you like.

Whilst dance can be therapeutic, this course is not deemed ‘therapy’. Working with a Dance Movement Therapist is often one-on-one, looking at specific issues over a certain period time. You may have certain aspects in your life that you would like to give the time and space to reflect upon, and this course may give you that valid opportunity.

On one level we are using mindful movement and conscious dance, which can be a moving meditation as you go into your flow. You may discover tools that help support you in your own journey to wellness, and in Niio Dance the emphasis is on empowering You with your own resources, to cultivate deep self-awareness, and to promote self-care.

It is allowing and affirming for yourself dedicated holistic ‘me’ time.

Also although we may uncover hidden memories or gain new insights into our ourselves from personal experiences and history, this is not a course to try and dig deep to unravel our past. This is a course to bring you into the Present, in the most enlivening and uplifting way possible, through our Soma - our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves - to empower us, feel vital and alive, and feel that Anything is possible, all through the joy and freedom of dance!

All the above are potential gains, dependant upon time and commitment invested, prior health conditions and personal constitution. Our dance is a metaphor for our lives, and how many patterns, cycles and unpredictable events may there be. Some of the modules may feel more difficult than others to work through in their themes and concepts, and it may be interesting to reflect a little further on why that might be for you. This is why it is good to repeat and revisit different videos, as you will always have a slightly different experience with every time, because we are also never exactly the same again in any moment, and this is why there is a catch up and reflect week at the end of each module, to give you the chance to do just that (!), and really absorb the deeper significances of the module. You may be challenged to think in new ways about yourself, where you are at, your life in general. Anything is possible!
Treat this, as with all the niio offerings as opportunities for little journeys into yourself. However I also mean that in a light and explorative way, we get far too serious in life as we become adults, and this course may give new insights and revelations that confirm just that ! Also whilst dance is potentially healing, niio dance cannot be held responsible for any outcomes. For more info please see disclaimer.

WEDNESDAYS 2 x per month
12 - 1 pm GMT
7 pm - 8 pm GMT

Course Community 

Facebook Group
28 x downloadable Dance MP3's 
14 x downloadable Meditation MP3's 

Full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

I truely hope that you will love this course.
If after 7 days you do not wish to continue the course, then you can write and request for a full money back refund. I only ask that you give me some feedback for me to be continually in service! The downloads are available in the second week.