Embody : Find Your Centre, Get Ready to Dance

A 4 part Journey to get grounded, find presence and feel expansive

Would you like to feel more present and embodied?

Calm and grounded?

In this mini (but mighty!) course we learn fundamentals from ancient yogic wisdom and moving meditations

fused with the discoveries of science to connect us

and to connect and welcome you to the power, joy and freedom that is possible

when we connect within

Fun and step by step this is a bite sized taster of how I can help you, and how accessible it is to learn online with me.

Learn breath, embodiment and movement fundamentals to help you sense and arrive into your body,

in preparation to explore the journey of dance!

Filmed outdoors in scenic locations in the Cotswolds and set to beautiful music,

this is a course to whet your appetite for what is possible through Niio Dance...

'I love this free course! I have gone through it twice now - it’s such a great practice for quick relaxation and grounding.
Thank you so much for this offering'


'Thank you for a wonderful way to start the New Year and reinvigorate my own somatic practice.
 I really enjoyed the sessions'


Dear Helene, So many thanks for the free course, it has been a joy to follow along each day and experience the changes of slow intentional movement. I particularly enjoyed ‘the Shaking’, and it made me laugh (a rare achievement these days).

 Love and Gratitude, Lynda x



Drop out of your busy mind and plug back into the power and electromagnetic frequency of the earth. Ground your support in the earth all the way up to heaven and feel your heaven to earth support reconnect, revitalise and recharge 


Here we learn a fundamental ancient yogic breathwork practice. Drop into your parasympathetic nervous system -your system of rest and digest. Expand your capacity for receiving life force.


Here we use one of the oldest medicines on the earth, that of shaking. Learn to rebalance your nervous system. Boost your immune system and connect to the energy of your life force. 


Here we learn some fundamentals of dance movement therapy,   to connect to your space, and discover your kinesphere. This is your personal space and from here you can expand your reach into the world.

Course Curriculum