Embody : Find Your Centre, Get Ready to Dance

A 4 part Journey to find Presence, feel Spacious and Grounded

Would you like to feel more present and embodied? Calm and grounded?

This is a mini (but mighty!) course to welcome you to the power, joy and freedom that is possible
when we connect within to ourselves
and to our capabilities.

Fun and step by step this is a bite sized taster of how I can help you, and how accessible it is to learn online with me.

Learn some breath, embodiment and movement fundamentals to help you sense and arrive into your body,
in preparation to explore the journey of dance!

Filmed outdoors in scenic locations in the Cotswolds and set to beautiful music,
this is a course to whet your appetite for whats possible through Niio Dance...

Come join me, after all what have you got to lose...?

Course Curriculum

helene Su