'My lower back felt so much freer'

'It really helped open me up and explore'

'I can see a lot of connection with nature'

On New Year Reset 7 week Course: 'I really love the way in which you ran each class, giving us pointers and guidance, it gave the whole experience so much more depth than just dancing freely or 5 rhythms. I really feel like it allows things to shift, moving things from the subconscious to the conscious and then alchemising and moving through the body, it's really quite an amazing thing. What I have come to realise is, presence is SO important, and hearing your feelings/emotions and what’s in your body is SO important. The only things I really need are this awareness, softness, acceptance and with an understanding of my conditioning and trauma, how to act in alignment with my truth in every moment. You have a real gift for holding this space for people to let go, discover more about themselves and promote healing.
On New Year Reset 7 week Course: 'For me the course was a great way to loosen up physically and mentally, the right balance of challenge and fun. I realised the discomfort in my hip had gone after only moving for a little while and didn't have any more trouble with it until I got stiff again over the next week at work. I now know that I can support my health and wellbeing better with dancing. I also attended a post reset session in the outdoors some months later whereby I and another participant chose to take an inner journey into sound guided by Helene's voice and of course, the music. I noticed I could appreciate and differentiate the singing voice, rhythm, drum beat and other parts of the music more deeply than previously and felt as if the original reset sessions had worked on me for the better in ways I hadn't anticipated or realised at the time.'
Sally- Ann
On Dance of the Serpent, Flight of the Eagle: 'Thank you for a wonderful dance session the other day. It was quite amazing.'
'I danced for 8 weeks with Helene and it was wonderful. Her light guiding touch gently suggested themes and direction. She holds a really safe space. Her solidity based on her own life wisdom and willingness to dance into the unknown and be spontaneous. Tuning into the moment to decide where to take the session and having an absolute willingness to divert from the plan where needed.

The strength in her skill and yet maleability helped me to converse with places in myself rarely spoken with and lead to real insight, pieces of treasure that glistened at the heart of the dance demanding to be noticed and brought back. I learnt to move my body in new ways which opened me up to different places to move into in life. Not only that Helene’s class was fun and built on a collection of banging tunes!'
I prefer allowing my body to move naturally, as I find this is what makes dance so healing and I really loved the class last week. I’m very comfortable with improv dance, and I used to do ecstatic dance, so I enjoyed the free-movement aspect of the class. What I really loved was the way you guided us in exploring where we are now, and where we want to be - I found that the way you held space for that process allowed me to go really deep into the exploration.

I felt like I got to go through that exploration to completion, fully able to feel what was going on for me in the present, fully able to release what needed to be released, and fully able to connect with my future/highest version of myself. I find that if I only do one part of that process, it can feel very incomplete, so I loved that you guided us through the full process.
 'Just a quick word to say how much I appreciated your class. I particularly enjoyed your giving movement cues, different ways to move to explore and play with. A different style of leading than I have come across before. I will definitely be there again.'
‘'Movement with Helene is grounding, creative and fun. I left the session feeling more spacious, embodied and connected both to myself and to the others’
'Helene has a great way of bringing your awareness to your breath. Combing breath, movement and dance is such a beautiful and powerful way to be grounded and yet so free at the same time.'
'The class I took with you really awoke something inside of me and I felt so connected into my feminine essence. Really want to do more of it!'
Wow! Move/ dance and stillness in the woods again today- thankyou Helene for holding space with niio dance. I feel your guidance which enables me to reach deep into beingness and listen to sound thru the felt sense in body . I perceive it on vibrational levels and in a way that I surrender to my pure nature and my body's wisdom from higher Self enabling me to move consciously-effortlessly freely with what ever shows up in each moment-living in presence in Truth Interconnectedness. It feels such a blessing to have these opportunities to dance with you in the woods. Thankyou thankyou.🙏💖🌱🌳🌳🌳
'I can just feel myself lifting, like my mind lifting with the fluidity of my body which makes me realise how much I need to dance – just amazing – thank you so so much'

'We will always remember Helene and her beautiful class in Ibiza - joy, laughter, release, magic and sacred circle. She held the space with gentle, fierce, divine energy. Thank you Helene'


'Helene’s lockdown classes are deeply spiritual in an authentic way while at the same time being uplifting and lots of fun'
Thank you Helene for a fantastic yoga workout. As a novice I found it extremely comfortable, relaxing, easy and even in the quagmire of such a wet and muddy festival you created an inner peace and bliss, with laughter and joy that would be difficult to create in the best of conditions. I look forward to meeting you again and sharing your company and space, learning from your many talents. Wonderful, thanks again.
'During a very stressful time in my life, Helene has helped me through one to one sessions with my breathing which was having implications for my physical and emotional well being. Helene identified simple exercises adapted to my particular circumstances which I can use on a day to day basis. She listened carefully to my situation and used her training and knowledge from across many disciplines to enable me to take control and start to find my voice. I would be happy to recommend Helene to you'


'Helene is a very warm and welcoming person, making me feel very relaxed and at ease during the bodywork treatment. I felt that she was assured and intuitive and she easily found the knots and tension areas on my back and shoulders. She has a wonderful firm but relaxing technique and afterwards I felt tension free and invigorated. Helene has healing hands and I would highly recommend her.' 


    'Helene gave me four one-on-one sessions using somatic explorations and exercises. The first three sessions were characterised by a feeling of being stuck or trapped and wanting to open out. The final one was more like a release into something new.    

Helene’s presence throughout was always helpful without being intrusive or over prescriptive. She made subtle suggestions after careful observation and I always found these helpful for the process. ‘Hands on’ was used as needed and requested by myself and this felt very supportive.' 
'It was amazing Helene, thank you so much for that session, I feel renewed, refreshed, recharged

My body was tired from heavy daily house work. Now the energy is flowing again!!  

Also really enjoyed the opportunity to let go, dance as no one is watching, even voice out, as i rarely dare with others around..'
It felt like a journey within my soul. Helene’s words were poignant, and the breadth of her knowledge and depth of her understanding of the body and the mind came across in a wonderfully subtle, non imposing way, allowing us to feel it for ourselves with her guidance. Afterwards I felt quite euphoric but peaceful, centered and grounded, connected to my heart, and the next day I felt more connected to my body, more relaxed, flexible and free.’
    I'm hugely enjoying the classes and loving that it covers so many areas- yoga with some chanting and breathing exercises, Chinese medicine philosophy,  chakras, somatic work, dancing, working with things like anger, power and root. Love it! It’s perfect for me! 

 'Helene showed an amazing ability to pick up on my needs at the beginning of each session and to tailor the class to what was needed on that day. This resulted in the sessions all being very therapeutic but in different ways, varying from energising to relaxing, healing, loosening and freeing. I now feel more in touch with my body and what it needs and will start experimenting with moving in different ways. Thanks Helene for your wisdom and insight. You've definitely opened up possibilities to me that I'd been wanting to move towards but didn't know how to!' 

I have really appreciated Helene's versatility. When I started working with her, I was both unfit and had a lot of headaches. Helene helped me identify some of what was leading to those headaches, and gave me exercises that really helped me ground myself in my body. I feel much more at ease in myself as a result.
'I enjoyed your workshop movement from the heart so much In the last day when I was leaving I thought about it When we were leaving the area me and my boyfriend decided to help a guy that was feeling sick I remembered the support for the heart That helped to understand what was happening and to listen Thanks for that, I hope I’ll never forget it'
'Hi Helene, It was great to attend your session. It was a new and enriching experience and opened my eyes to the way dance can be used to heal emotional wounds!
'I met Helene at a festival where I attended her workshop on Dance Meditations. Her clear and focused guidance showed me new different ways on how to think about my body and express myself while dancing, helping me to release from rigid movement patterns and tension'
'‘Helene co-creates an inspiring space. Through her guidance I have found myself developing a more nuanced sense of being in my body, and feeling freer to explore movement and sound, and in interactions with the others in the group’
 'Helene is a fantastic instructor.  I am usually very self conscious but during her class I felt immediately at ease and worked way beyond my usual comfort zone.  Her down to earth and friendly manner were both key to this.  The classes I took were varied and the movement rich and flowing.  I felt the classes not only benefitted my body but also touched something deeper and helped me somehow inhabit my body that little bit more.'
     'I am basically a total beginner when it comes to yoga, and have in the past found it a bit boring. But dance yoga with Helen was absolutely amazing! Total game changer for me...highlight of the holiday. Helen got me into an amazing head space, one I won't forget in a hurry. Then to top it all off Helen came back and put me sound asleep with a beautiful massage. Go get her quick...she's magic! Xxx'  
     'Helene's workshop gave me a safe environment to experiment outside of my usual dance training and gave me an opportunity to express myself in ways which are not usually possible in common dance styles which are restricted to set 'moves' that don't always allow you to express yourself through the movement as you desire (as you are commonly judged directly on how "clean" and with-form you can do the moves). She made everyone feel welcome and quite engaged (even my brother who rarely dances) - and her positive attitude meant that I felt that I was learning something new despite my experience in dance.' 
‘In Dancing with the Trees I had a fabulous experience in which breath, movement, wind, energy, the voices of the trees, and Helene’s words and music were seamlessly interwoven. At one point I was carried by the wind to see vivid vistas of landscapes all around the globe. By the end, my heart had opened into a hush of joy in which I felt connected with everything around me.’
'Coming from a science background myself, I really struggle to engage myself spiritually and allow myself to become inspired by what's directly round me. Helene's workshop at Noisily festival really resonated with me in a way I've not experienced before, it allowed me to let go and explore my body's natural movement. I've always been fascinated by the elements, and have tried over the years to embody them in the various forms of dance I practice. The Earth Body Fire Spirit dance workshop really helped me to aligned and engage myself with these natural inspirations and I look forward to taking this forward into my other interests of dance!'
     'Helene came to give us a dance yoga class at our villa in ibiza..we didn't really know what to expect but what we got was beyond amazing...it unified out group spiritually which gave us a sense of freedom in movement and thought...the ensuing night and rest of the holiday is something we will never forget, in large part thanks to the experience that Helene bestowed upon us..she really did bring some magic that surprised us in the best way – Thank you'
 'My friends and me did a yoga dance class at home during our holidays, it was a very nice and  privileged moment. Helene was very pédagogue, some of us discovered yoga for the first time and the spirit of Ibiza was perfect for this initiation! She made me want to practice yoga when I came back home!'
  'Hi Helene, I just wanted you to know that you have really inspired me to do my yoga and get in tune with myself. You are very talented in what you do, thank you very much.’