Opening to Breath through Dance

Experience Deep Relaxation, be Energised and Inspired - a Journey to Self through Breath



 Our breath is the single most powerful tool that we have to relieve stress, energise and completely transform our wellbeing. It is the only system in our body that is involuntary or autonomic – that is it is always there working in the background whether we’re aware of it or not - but at the same time we can control it voluntarily – which is why it is so vital to breathe well.  

When we breathe well not only do we enable healthy production of haemoglobin, our red blood cells which help us grow, it also stimulates active cell renewal which occurs throughout our lives. The majority of us do not breathe efficiently, and poor breathing can lead to all sorts of health conditions, mental, emotional and physical that impact us on a daily basis.  In addition when we are conscious of our breath, we can become more open to life experiences. By sensing into the essence of our breath, we are connecting to our inner essence and our life source.

This mini workshop is a slow and gentle movement meditation that can take you to some deep places of reflection and peace, gradually expanding your body and your mind

The music has been beautifully mixed to give you a seamless, smooth journey of intention and inspiration. You may find yourself travelling far, wide and beyond in the vistas of your imagination.

This moving meditation can be repeated again and again, to welcome in a week, season or new transition. And every time you do this practice, you will notice something new; within yourself, how your body responds and in your thoughts. 

The audio download means that you have the luxury of taking it to where ever you like to listen and enjoy. You can treat it as a devotional practice for you, your regular moving meditation


 In this 60 minute slow and gentle session, I begin with an introduction before exploring through full yogic breathwork that leads into guided free movement and dance. (If you prefer, you may sit or even lie down for the beginning of the breathwork session, and let your body relax and open with the journey of your breath as it unfolds.)

Release tension, stress and anxiety and feel more ease and freedom in your body.  

Using somatic awareness and somatic movement education you will be guided to drop into the joy of creative conscious dance and movement medicine!

Through heartfelt awareness and compassion, you will touch into the sacred,
connecting to your life force, spirit and soul.


Accompanied by a beautiful mix of music from some of the most original and talented musicians to inspire and uplift.
Lifetime access of the video so you can enjoy whenever suits you, and downloadable high quality WAV and mp3 file so that you can go offline without screen distraction and fully enter into your breath dance journey, at home or ideally outdoors in beautiful nature!

WAV Files

 The music for Niio Dance is carefully curated from some of the finest musicians and producers, and the range is eclectic, worldly, soulful, tribal and many layers in between!

Along with my guided voiceovers, these selections are all professionally mixed and mastered to give you a flawless audio experience.

Mp3 is popular for its compact file size, but for those of you who like your music at the highest quality, and enjoy to listen through premium equipment, then WAV files are the music quality of choice. WAV files are the same lossless quality as professionally recorded CD and are often only available when you purchase music through specialist music sites, and cost more.
The files are bigger, but that is the trade off for the superior quality.  

This video has been featured in the Global Breathwork Leader's Digital Library,
part of the International Center for Breathwork membership programme.

'After the first lockdown in 2020 I passed through a difficult period.  I was feeling my body was heavy, I was holding lots of tiredness and sadness within.  

It was the time I was longing for a teacher and a guide that could hold my intention to start dancing again and motivate me to come back to my wonderful sense of self that was lost due to depression.    

I desperately needed to move again, to dance and connect with the artistic side of me.  When i started practicing Helene's video "Opening to Breath through Dance", I experienced right away such a deep, deep relaxation, emotionally, mentally and physically.    

My body was now filled with breath and with that  I felt energized.  

I stopped judging how heavy or stiff my body was feeling, and when I started moving on Helene's wonderful instructions, I felt that what we call a body and mind connection through my breath, was now a fact.    

I felt energized, my tiredness felt as an illusion of the mind.  I started to listen to this mp3 every day.    

Heléne's- gentle voice was just a perfect wake up call and started creating some kind of "morning ritual" for myself.    Dancing, moving and breathing consciously on this beautiful mp3 music selection, daily before I do anything else!  I start to feel my body again after my night sleep and appreciate once more I am alive and I am breathing for another creative day.    

I enjoy so much the first video and mp3 I bought from Helene and I am able to listen to it anytime of the day I want.    The music and Heléne's voice reminds me to be conscious of my breath and movement and that alone, transforms my whole day into a "dancing day".  Even a simple walk on the super market floor, or a walk across the beach or even sitting under a tree can become another small dance, another conscious present moment that heals me.  

If I could give a title to Heléne's dance work, I would call it " Dance Steps to Transformation".'

Yoga Teacher and Somatic Practitioner