Release your Tension and Wake Up Your Body

A 5 part mini course to gently get you moving again..

moving meditation and conscious dance outdoors


This mini course is a fun and gentle way to get back into your body if you are stiff or have been too sedentary.

Each bite sized lesson leads gradually into more ease and space in your body.

Using your breath to support and guide you, we explore opening into movement.

We find flexibility  and finally we are dancing.

Perhaps more spontaneous than my other longer courses, this a good starter for a longer course.
Filmed live in the depths of the English winter in beautiful woodland setting.

Total running time 67 minutes
Accompanied with a beautiful soundtrack which ranges from dreamy to acoustic to tribal.

FOR ALL LEVELS - Gentle to Moderate


Course Synopsis

Let's Begin

We begin to open the body 

12.58 minutes


Our Breath

We bring awareness to our breath

10.53 minutes


Let's Move

We explore the dance of breath in our bodies

10.49 minutes


Dance of Duality 

We dissolve into the dance

13.38 minutes


We flow into a final dance

17.28 minutes


I loved the progression to fluidity in the last one. Struggled with density and lightness, I’m going to put that down to age I’m 49, less flexible more boring, too many responsibilities with 7 kids has made me more ‘dense’  but your class made me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel to get flexible, light And dance again. Overall what a lovely invigorating and most of all rejuvenating experience! I felt young again whilst dancing 

~ enjoyable to be lead into a return to some movement
~ waking up my spine bit by bit :)

Really enjoyed it. Was a really lovely, gentle and nourishing way to get back into my body.