Happy Solstice!

The Chinese Way...

Wishing you a wonderful summer solstice, as we reach the longest day of the year, and marking the official start of the summer.

In the theory of Zhouyi, or the Book of Changes, aka the I Ching, one of the oldest texts in history, summer belongs to the element of fire and corresponds to the heart in our five internal organs. The Chinese summer solstice also signifies laughter, happiness and eating lots of noodles – nb happiness and food are interchangeble in the Chinese home..

As it can get hot, a Chinese saying says ‘ A calm heart keeps you cool’. In this summer season, we also have to focus on nourishing our hearts.

I work a lot with heart energy in movement and in the dance. When we move and envelop ourselves in heart energy, and when we move in resonance with each other in heart energy, the emphasis is not on us as individuals anymore. Instead we realise we are part of something bigger, something that is so powerful yet not quite tangible.

Not surprising considering the heart’s energetic field extends about 10 metres beyond us and its electrical signals are sixty times stronger than those of our brain. Especially in times of stress and angst, how much activity do we generate in our brains? If we worked on expanding our heart energy more, how much calmer would we be. And how much different would the world be.

I made a very calm decision today that I was not attached to. This morning I was possibly given the opportunity to be at Glastonbury but it was not definite. My feelings were mixed especially as I need to be there tomorrow. But I decided to embrace my Yes and not let my head fret about logistics. As it is I will be helping to hold space in the Tipi field, where there will be cacao ceremonies, sacred fires and ecstatic dance. I might even hold a somatic dance workshop there myself...

Will you be going? Come find me here, sunset by the stone circle is a very special place at the festival..

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