Whilst Niio Dance has the potential to ignite new ideas and inspirations for your life through your body mind intelligence, the onus is on you to actively engage in the process and to be self-compassionate.  Self-development and transformation begin with intention and awareness, and the commitment to give yourself the time and space for rest, time out, reflection, self-care and integration, in short to take responsibility for your health and well-being.   Please note that movement can reveal hidden emotions or traumas that may need extra support.  Whilst Niio Dance can be therapeutic, it is not a substitute for professional help or therapy.  All of the testimonials are particular to previous participants and Niio Dance cannot be held responsible for personal outcomes.
The ethos of Niio Dance is to facilitate you to embark on your own, unique journey of learning and discovery. You need to allow appropriate time for exploration, and commit to keep an inquiring, open mind with the belief in the power of possibility.