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Authentic. True. You.

Awaken Self Love

Align to Purpose and Actualize your Potential

Calling all Visionaries, Creatives, Healers and Seekers!

Come on this Transformational Somatic Dance Journey to find Joy, Freedom and Flow

 'I felt really held and supported by you – your intention was palpable, tangible and I had some deep connections to the universe, the matrix, mother - thank you it was just medicine'

Caroline, Counsellor

Roots and Wings : A Calling of the Soul

Welcome to Niio Dance for New Integrated and Inspired Openings

The seven month online signature program 

 ‘I love your way of working with me.
 You have got such wisdom, humbleness and congruence'

Satu, Therapist

Join us on the Niio Dance Soul Journey

A somatic movement and conscious dance journey

to find your creativity, abundance and flow.

Dance is a celebration of life

and invites you to be wild, playful and free.

When we connect back into our bodies and with the earth,

cell regeneration and healing can happen.

We drop away our layers of conditioning and we become a channel for creative flow.

And in this journey of awareness and self-discovery,

we become an energetic match for the abundance we desire.

 'Really surprised by the depth of experience. So valuable to get in touch with the inner truth of my body, from my body. Great to give my body time to freely express my self. I heard so much and learnt so much. Helene is a wonderful workshop leader - sensitive, kind, encouraging, empowered and with good, clear boundaries'

Sonia, Therapist

Integrating ancient wisdom practices with  science and somatics,
Niio Dance is informed by:

Somatics and Body-Mind Centering

We journey deep into our bones, fluids and tissues, which have energetic as well as structural qualities. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen who created Body Mind Centering, gives us the alternative holistic anatomical map of the body that Medical school overlooked. 


I have been touched by the sacred on many occasions and particularly influenced by the three 'T's of Taoism, Toltec Wisdom and Tantra. 

The Tao is the ancient Chinese ‘Way’ which celebrates acceptance, change, creativity and the natural order and 'flow of the universe.' 

Toltec Wisdom is from Mexico and 'Toltec' means artist. They saw their life as the canvas for their art, with their great masterpiece being to live in happiness and love. 

Tantra is the connective ocean of love, a part of ancient yoga. It gives you the permission to be true to your authentic self and to live your yes. 

My Embodied, Shamanic Dance Life Journey

Niio Dance is an expression of my own life journey - beginning with Ballet, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Yoga, Meditation, Dance Movement Therapy, Somatic Movement Education and extended Conscious, Ecstatic and Shamanic dance journey spanning five decades, a distillation of what has truely resonated. 

Life Art Therapy

The late Anna Halprin, a pioneer in the somatic and therapeutic dance world and one of my teachers, discovered how dance is connected to our emotional world and has the power to heal. Together with daughter Daria, these pioneers co-founded the Tamalpa Institute for movement, dance and expressive arts.

Yoga and the Chakra system

This ancient philosophy and system for holistic wellbeing has now seeped into the mainstream.   I was fortunate to 'discover' yoga and meditation in India in 1995, which are part of the ancient texts of tantra, and they have been my constant companions with dance every since. 

Nature and the Elements

There is a force and power in nature that humans can never match, and indigenous cultures are in tune with its rhythms and cycles of life. We have the elements of nature within us, and it can inform, inspire and heal. Interestingly the Inca word for the 'body' is 'animated' or 'luminous' earth...


Science is still discovering how our mind and body are interconnected. Our perception, understanding and even goal planning are linked to the motor cortex of our brain. Through embodiment practices we can become more aware, have better communications, be more creative and enhance our overall well-being. 

About Helene

I am a BBC or British Born Chinese and I grew up feeling displaced, a misfit, not knowing where to call home.

Through dance, I have discovered the freedom and presence that is possible, that reconnects you to yourself and out into the world. Dance and music have given me such freedom and joy that I want to share its transformative powers with you, and that is why I created Niio Dance. I want to support you so that you can feel whole, aligned, connected and in flow.

Dance has the ability to heal, transform and connect us to our higher selves, to raise our spirits, give us insight and make the world a brighter, happier place! Come, join us on this beautiful journey.

'Your class was a breath of fresh air and you hold the space so well. I can't remember the last time I laughed like that and played, just being completely authentic in such a long time, it was so refreshing. The classes are really deep and I'm getting a lot out of them. I’m hugely grateful on so many levels.'

Paul-Adam, Multi-disciplinary Artist