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NIIO Dance
Elemental, Somatic, Transformational

  Would you like to Release Stress?

Learn Breathing Basics?

Gain more Body Awareness?



Feel more Calm

Grounded and Expansive in the body

and Ready to Dance

  'Really surprised by the depth of experience. So valuable to get in touch with the inner truth of my body, from my body. Great to give my body time to freely express my self. I heard so much and learnt so much. Helen is a wonderful workshop leader - sensitive, kind, encouraging, empowered and with good, clear boundaries.'

Sonia, Therapist

NIIO DANCE for New Integrated and Inspired Openings

 'I felt really held and supported by you – your intention was palpable, tangible and I had some deep connections to the universe, the matrix, mother - thank you it was just medicine

Caroline, Counsellor

Somatic Movement and Dance for total Holistic Health

Niio Dance merges the Science with the Sacred.
When we dance in moving meditation,
our molecules and atoms literally shift and change 

Self-Discovery and Transformation are possible

Come join me on this journey of joy and discovery

The Niio Dance Soul Journey

Dance is a celebration of what it means to be fully human in this life.


Our Inner Connection - Do you feel connected within? Comfortable in your own skin? Do you listen to your body and its messages? In short do you take care of yourself? We look at the first and most fundamental relationship we have - the one we have with ourselves.


Our Outer Connection - 
How do we relate and show up in the world?  Can we connect to our physical environment and to those around us? Do we know who we are in this journey of life?

When we are embodied and connected within, we can come from a deeper place of confidence and truth.

Niio Dance : A Calling of the Soul
3 Month Programme - coming soon

Niio Dance is Informed by 

Body-Mind Centering

We journey deep into our bones, fluids and tissues, which have energetic as well as structural qualities. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen  who created BMC, gives us the alternative holistic anatomical map of the body that Medical school overlooked. 

The Tao

I am Chinese and the Tao is the ancient Chinese ‘Way’ which celebrates acceptance, change, creativity and the natural order and 'flow of the universe.' Symbolically, its element is water with its qualities of yielding, adapting, being soft and strong.

Lifetime Exploration and Research

This has been my life journey - beginning with Ballet, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Yoga, Meditation, Dance Movement Therapy, Somatic Movement Education and extended Conscious, Ecstatic and Shamanic dance journey spanning five decades.

Life Art Therapy 
Created by one of my teachers the late Anna Halprin, who discovered how dance is connected to our emotional world, healing herself and designing  the Life Art process, that uses movement and art.

Yoga and the Chakra system

This ancient philospophy and system for holistic wellbeing has now seeped into the mainstream. I was fortunate to 'discover' yoga and meditation in India in 1995, and it has been my companion with dance every since. 

Nature and the Elements

There is a force and power in nature that human can never match, and indigenous cultures are in tune with its rhythms and cycles of life. We have the elements of nature within us, and it 
can inform, inspire and heal. Interestingly the Inca word for the 'body' is 'animated' or 'luminous' earth...

About Helene

Born in England but of pure Chinese descent, I grew up with real questions about identity. My feet would tread on British soil but my DNA told another truth. I felt disconnected.

In my body I have found refuge and in times of confusion and angst it is dance and music that has picked me up, and given me new perspective – time and time again.

Here I feel present, in the moment, fully connected. I have discovered insight, joy and freedom. An inner place called home.

I have discovered the power and presence possible with the joy of dance and it is my mission to share its far-reaching benefits with you. For us to regenerate and in turn for the regeneration of our planet and that is why I created Niio Dance.


'We will always remember Helene and her beautiful class in Ibiza - joy, laughter, release, magic and sacred circle. She held the space with gentle, fierce, divine energy. Thank you Helene'