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Niio Dance
Authentic. True. You

Find Freedom in Your Body
and Aliveness in Your Mind...

Niio Dance is a Journey of Empowerment and Self-Discovery

Come home to your body, and the essence of who you are ; through the energy and exhilaration of dance.   Renew your relationship to your breath and body,  connect to its innate strength and power, renew your presence and being in the world, your zest for life.

Experience the pure joy and ecstatic euphoria of flow state in dance, when you become fully present, fears and worries fade, time stands still.. and you feel you can take on the world.

Expand your dance and elevate your soul. An  anti-aging, mood boosting, elemental and creative, somatic dance play for body and mind.

Heartfelt Soulful Powerful Alive

Niio Dance Courses

Find Your Flow with Dance Basics

Expland your movement repertoire and mind with dance principles and fundamentals. Find ways to move more.

Roots and Wings

The Niio Dance Foundation. Journey through the structural and energetic layers of your being with the Niio Dance Map.

Creative Dance Spirit

Continue your flow to ignite your imagination and inspiration. Go deeper and align with soul calling. 

About Helene

Dance is Helene's first love, giving her joy, expression and freedom ever since she can remember. Growing up feeling ‘displaced’, dance's unique synergy for mind, body, spirit and soul has helped to give her purpose and clarity, resilience and confidence.

Evolving her own elemental somatic dance programme from a lifetime of study both in the UK and abroad, Helene is committed to helping you to find personal tools for your vibrant health and wellbeing through Niio Dance.


Finding Presence in Embodiment: Getting Ready to Dance

A FREE Mini Course

Sacred Mountain Meditation

A meditation to Ground, Centre and Vision, with beautiful music by Ishq. 

Open to Adventure through Somatic Dance

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